24 July 2024

How To! Discover the Monarch Butterfly Rooty Ombré

Kyle Locklin, stylist at Aurelio Salon (Howell and Toms River, NJ), had a client who wanted a Rooty Ombré. “She was a level 6 with level 7 and 8 highlights, but her natural base level was a 5. She wanted minimal upkeep, so I though about the colors in a Monarch Butterfly and it inspired me,” says Locklin.


  1. Goldwell Top Chic 5nn with equal parts 10 Volume
  2. Goldwell Oxycur 10 and 20 Volume
  3. – Glaze for for Midshaft: Goldwell Colorance 8BA
  4. – Glaze for Ends: Goldwell Colorance 9BA

Step by Step:

  1. ● Apply 5nn as a regular retouch and then dramatically fan the color down into the midshaft.
    ● Then, use a wide tooth comb to distribute color and ensure everything is blended smoothly.
    ● Weave out the hair to be lightened using a board (back of the hand also works) and paint Goldwell Oxycur Lightener onto the hair using a V technique.
    ● Then, use the leftover root touch formula and feather it into the lightener to avoid any harsh lines.
    ● After processing, shampoo with Goldwell Color Fade Stop Shampoo.
    ● Glaze with 2 separate formulas: for the midshaft, use Goldwell Colorance 8BA and Goldwell Colorance 9BA for the ends for a smooth gradient look.


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