19 May 2024

Fabiana Ferrer, Wahl Artistic Team Brasil, debuts at Premiere Orlando 2015!

Will you be ready for Wahl global education at Premiere Orlando? Wahl Artistic Team Brasil member Fabiana Ferrer is ready for you.

Ferrer will make her U.S. debut at Premiere Orlando, May 30-June 1, doing Wahl’s Recharge workshop the Brazilian way.

I intend to show my skills creating each personal style using Visagism associated with technology and revolutionary tools,” Ferrer explained. “I want to show not only how to cut, but why to cut.”

Today in Brazil, Ferrer said stylists typically follow one of two paths for inspiration. Some follow celebrities and international trends. “Others work with a customized trend service,” Ferrer explained. “It means that, even if we are surrounded by globalized trends, we are able to create a new trend with every client. I look at everything from age, job, personality, face shape, hair type, and social, cultural and religious values, as well as what image my client wants to express, in order to create a personal style. In doing this, we are using references from visual arts to create an overall look. This is called Visagism.”

Ferrer, who has dreamed of coming to the United States, is looking forward to sharing her techniques and philosophies, but also absorbing as much as she possibly can. “Everything that I can see, hear and feel will teach me something new,” she said. “I only need to be open and put everything in my life’s luggage, take away to Brazil and share with my team and everybody in my next class.

Ferrer noted that American barbering has had a big influence in Brazil recently and Brazilian barbers and stylists want to learn more.

In the beginning, the scenery in Brazil was a bit different than now. My classroom was 95 percent stylists and 5 percent barbers that were looking to improve their skills,” Ferrer described. “American and European barbering influence is growing in Brazil. Most of the barbers are thirsty for knowledge, new techniques and tools. Now, they are about 50 to 90 percent, sometimes 100 percent of the audience. There are more barbers in workshops now than ever before, and they’ve always associated clippers with men’s haircuts. I noticed that it is really different for them to learn about barber techniques from a woman, but day-by-day, I won many new barber friends.”

Her passion and excitement is palpable. Ferrer has always known she was a creative person, but she didn’t predict what form of artistic expression would be her passion. “Since I was child, I had an artistic part alive in me, but I had never imagined working as a hairdresser,” she said. “In 2000, I decided to license as an Epilator and opened my first business. My first clients ask me about other beauty services. I learned about nails, aesthetic, make up and about hair; I fell in love with hair and since then I never stop studying.”

Ferrer’s passion for styling and desire to create personalized looks for each client eventually caught the attention of Wahl and she was the first woman named to the Wahl Artistic Team Brasil.

I worked for some national companies of the industry in my country, and in each one I improved my way to work and teach,” she said. “However, I needed more space to create and develop my ideas and my job. I always dreamed of working for an international company, a big company that could give me support and liberty. So, when I became part of Wahl Clipper Brasil I finally found my space, and all my plans and dreams came true from that moment until now.”


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