9 February 2023

Monday Biz Tips! 3 Successful Scripts for Setting Expectations with New Hires

Grow People for a living! Begin with the End in Mind. Set clear expectations by beginning with the end in mind. Define in writing the role of the educator, associate, and salon.

Take note!

1. Purpose of the Educator: By following the associate training plan and sharing my experience, my associate’s confidence and growth will accelerate. As a result of my willingness and my commitment to the program, I will reach my goals and experience an increase in my income. I will impact my salon’s future.

2. Purpose of the Associate: I will have the willingness and faith to follow the associate program training plan. I will learn from the educator’s experience and this will allow me to grow faster.

3. Purpose of the Salon: By providing a collaborative environment for growth, learning and support, the company will enjoy increased loyalty, sales, and profits.

For educators in the salon, it is important to recognize that “I am who I have grown.” This principle helps clarify expectations and provides freedom to keep the associates who have the ability to become productive team members. At the same time, it allows you to part ways with associates who would be better served working in a different salon environment. When educators recognize that associates are students who become their co-workers, they make better decisions throughout training the process.

For more information on how to train new talent, click here!


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