19 July 2024

Kevin.Murphy announces Treat.Me, New In-Salon “Facial for Hair”

Kevin.Murphy launches Treat.Me, a customized in-salon deep conditioning experience inspired by skincare. To achieve maximum results suited to each person’s unique needs, Treat.Me offers a variety of focused formulas including: Repair, Nourishment, Color Protection, Anti-Aging, Volume and Density. 

Treat.Me combines some of nature’s best ingredients with skincare technology in a two-active serum to penetrate hair and provide long-lasting results. The serum is bottled separately to create a potent and effective full-strength formula when mixed in the salon for each client. The end result is an experience the client will enjoy that addresses their specific needs and yields healthier, youthful looking hair.

A basic masque can be great, but these types of masques fail to target any specific issues effectively,” explains Kevin.Murphy stylist and founder Kevin Murphy. “I began to see that women’s hair was not responding to a generic ‘one size fits all’ approach to treatments. Treat.Me is about pampering the hair. The targeted treatments offer a relaxing in-salon experience similar to a facial to completely restore and rejuvenate clients’ hair based on their specific needs.”

After testing a myriad of ingredients and treatment types, I looked to the skincare industry for inspiration and found a two-active serum worked best. When the high concentration of active ingredients were mixed together, they could be incredibly effective with long-lasting results. The serum includes an all-vegetable and plant protein system with similar structure to hair. More than 26 amino acids easily penetrate the hair’s surface and strengthen the hair shafts by depositing product into gaps caused by heat and chemical damage, creating a smoother, more supple surface.”

In addition to more than 26 amino acids, the Treat.Me formula includes Moringa Oil and Gardenia Extracts, which moisturize and actively deposit in damaged areas of the hair shaft to help smooth the hair’s surface. The product’s serum formula allows for a smaller molecular structure that penetrates hair and absorbs into the cortex for instant and lasting results. With the actives kept in separate bottles, there is no need for a chemical stabilizer that can lessen the strength of the actives, resulting in efficacious full-strength treatments that can be custom tailored to fit each client’s needs.

For best results, Treat.Me should be applied in-salon every 6-8 weeks. The life of the treatment can be extended with use of Angel.Masque or Hydrate-Me.Masque in between salon visits. 

Born from the same philosophy as skincare, Kevin.Murphy products are designed to weightlessly deliver performance, strength and longevity. When searching the world for ingredients, Kevin.Murphy looks for companies using micro cultivation, organic growing practices or ecologically-sound wild harvesting techniques to ensure the Kevin.Murphy range is of the very highest natural quality. Offering a fashion-focused range of professional hair care products conceived in the world of session styling, the company’s mission is to share cutting edge style via modern technology – straight from the runways of the world to the salon floor, from hair artisan to consumer.

Treat.Me will be available in salons May 2015. Pricing will vary based on salon, with a suggested retail price of $20 for the in-salon treatment. For more information about Kevin.Murphy or to find a local retailer, please visit www.KevinMurphy.com.au


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