21 July 2024

Congratulations New Joico Spokesperson and Celebrity Hair Expert Paul Norton!

Highly sought-after hairstyling expert Paul Norton is officially joining Joico as “Joico Spokesperson and Celebrity Hairstylist!

Paul, who’s created dazzling red-carpet and magazine cover looks for the likes of Robin Wright, Adrien Brody, Victoria Justice, Brooke Shields and most recently Gina Rodriguez (breakout star and 2015 Golden Globe winner for her role in Jane the Virgin) is bringing his love, expertise, and professional talent in hairstyling some of the most famous talent in Hollywood, to Joico and the world at large.

When Paul was approached by Joico on working closely on projects and be their go-to celebrity hair expert, he really felt Joico provided a great match for what he looked for in the products he used on his famous and every-day clients. “I’ve been lucky enough to partner with Joico on many occasions over the years and each time I felt more and more a part of a real team. Not only does Joico have the kind of community that supports artists but also has a total interest in my clients’ needs,” says Paul.

In his role as Joico Spokesperson and Celebrity Hairstylist, Paul will serve as spokesperson for the brand’s hairstyling and care product line-up, providing unique content like how-tos and expert tips via videos and articles, and be available for media inquiries as Joico’s expert on celebrity hairstyles, new trends, and every-day, wearable hairstyles. Beyond this, the healthy hair company will also tap into his vast hairstyling know-how for future product development and testing, where Paul’s everyday experience in his salon will be of key value to Joico in continuing to produce cutting-edge and high-performing products, true to its heritage.

Paul began using Joico products a few years back and knew he could always count on products from the company known for being the healthy hair company and for its unparalleled product performance. With award-winning products like the 15-year Stylist Choice Awards Winner “K-PAK Reconstructor,” 2014 SELF Healthy Beauty awards-winner Power Spray, and Life & Style Beauty Awards 2010 Best Shampoo and Conditioner, K-PAK Color Therapy, Paul loved what Joico stood for. So when Joico started talking to him about a more exclusive partnership, he knew it was a perfect fit, and a partnership both could feel really proud of and excited over.

In Paul’s opinion, “[t]he Joico line is by far the most user-friendly, yet high-performing and diverse of any line I’ve worked with. It’s basically limitless when it comes to the cocktailing of products for styling. I appreciate the core message of the Joico brand, above all, maintaining healthy hair is first and foremost the end goal for any hairstylist or consumer…

Truly dedicated to his craft as well as his celebrity clientele, Norton is as in-demand with his Beverly Hills and greater Los Angeles clientele as he is with all the Hollywood talent that see him at Sally Hershberger Salon of Beverly Hills. He has created lusciously dazzling looks that have graced the covers and pages of Allure, GQ Style, People, Redbook, Glamour, New You, Entertainment Weekly, The Hollywood Reporter, AdWeek, Sports Illustrated and many more. Paul has also been tapped as a contributing expert for top media like, Allure, Byrdie.com, Cosmopolitan, InStyle, People.com and Women’s Health, to name only a few. And as a hairstyling expert, Paul has appeared in broadcast segments and programs such as Access Hollywood and The Doctors, and been the feature-hairstylist on TLC’s Randy to the Rescue and E! channel’s Opening Act.

Even with all this under his belt Paul felt a great connection to Joico and was thrilled when he was asked to, “…exclusively test out and introduce Joico Hair Shake to the world. I’ve not only found it to be an honor to have been given such an important responsibility but it has turned out to be my favorite product so far.”

As a company Joico already loved Paul’s previous work using Joico products but is now very much excited that the relationship is not only official but deeper and more meaningful to both.We’ve worked with Paul many times and always loved his work, and knowing now that he has decided to join our family truly brings all of us at Joico joy and pleasure to know we’ve got such a great talent. We know our Joico users will feel the same way and can’t wait to bring more and more of his talent expertise to them,” expresses Sr. Director for Digital Marketing and Communications, Valerie Robinett.

For additional information please visit www.Joico.com


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