3 July 2022

Monday Biz Tips! Stubbornness: The Thief of Your Prosperity

The opposite of Willingness is Stubbornness and it’s the Thief of Prosperity because it robs us of opportunities for greater income, keeping us stuck.

Many of us are totally unaware of our stubbornness. Anytime anyone offers us a suggestion to improve our self or our business behind the chair, we stubbornly reject it by saying, “Leave us alone we’re F. I. N. E.”

We’re fine alright, we’re Freaked out, In debt, Not making enough, and Emotionally stressed.

Many veteran stylists stubbornly believe that it’s too late for them and they’ll never get ahead. But here’s the truth: It’s never too late. We can make up for lost time! We can step up and jump ahead. As veteran stylists, we have the potential to earn over $100,000 more in the next five years, over $200,000 in the next ten. We even have the potential to earn $500,000 more in the next twenty years!

  1. 1. Plan your day
    2. Set daily retail and service goals
    3. Make consistent offerings to your guests
    4. Be authentic

For more information on this important topic, read Over The Top, click here!


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