18 May 2024

Club Figaro announces a Top-Class Jury for 2015 Spanish Hairdressing Awards

Once again, Spanish Hairdressing Awards’ machine goes at full speed. After opening the entry stage, which ends 31st May, now Club Figaro announces the five names that will make up the professional jury of Spanish Hairdressing Awards in their sixth edition.

This year, the competition has a top-class jury, formed by five renowned public figures of Spanish and International hairdressing:

  1. Trevor Sorbie (United Kingdom)
    Tony Rizzo (United Kingdom)
    María Yus (Spain)
    Sergi Bancells (Spain/USA)
    Filippo Sepe (Italy)

Trevor Sorbie is a living legend of British Hairdressing, four times British Hairdresser of the Year and awarded with countless recognitions and prizes, among which stands out the medal of Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire. He was born in 1949 in Scotland, son and grandson of barbers, and he began very young in hairdressing. Having worked with Vidal Sassoon himself, he in turn has trained the likes of session stylist Eugene Souleiman and fellow British Hairdresser of the Year winner Angelo Seminara. He has been pioneer of cuts and styling techniques and also one of the first mediatic hairdressers. Currently, Trevor Sorbie owns three salons in United Kingdom and his artistic team is one of the most awarded and renowned in the world.

Tony Rizzo is one of the most prestigious hairdressers in the world, with more than 30 years of experience in hairdressing. He founded Sanrizz, a brand that currently has seven salons in London and a renowned school. Also, Tony Rizzo is the creator of Alternative Hair Show, the 30 years old philantrophic event that raises funds for fighting child leukaemia ang gathers more than 5,000 hairdressers every year in London’s Royal Albert Hall.

María Yus is a renowned Spanish hairdresser, with a long career at the industry. Her brand is 29 years old in 2015 and has developed an intense educational work. Since 1988, she has taken part in uncountable shows, workshops and catwalks, Nowadays, she owns two salons and a hairdressing school in Zaragoza. A young, street-inspired and fresh style has always characterized her work.

A descendant from a family of Barbers, Sergi Bancells studied Journalism at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and soon specialized in the world of hairdressing and beauty. Back in 1996, Bancells co-founded C&C Magazine in Barcelona, a professional trade magazine that directed for 10 years. In 2007 he became General Manager in Spain and Latin America of Estetica Magazine, the world’s leading hairdressing magazine. Since September 2013, he is now also the head of Estetica USA, based in Miami. At the same time, Sergi Bancells is the General Secretary of the AIPP (Association Internationale Presse Professionnelle Coiffure) the global organization which brings together 60 professional hair magazines from around the world. A tireless traveler, lover of music and art, Sergi has also written two hairdressing history books alongside his good friend Raffel Pages and has been jury member of countless events/competitions at the international level.

Filippo Sepe is a well-known Italian hairdresser. Although he was born in Italy, lived in France during his chilhood and soon began in hairdressing, his true passion. At 23 he opened his first salon, while doing artistic roles for different companies. Filippo Sepe is the most renowned iIalian hairdresser at a global level, very appreciated by his educational and artistic work. On stage, Sepe characterizes by an original approaching, eye-catching performances with capacity to capture the attention of wide audiences.


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