7 December 2021

Monday Biz Tips! 3 Tips for an Exceptional Guest Consultation

One of the most important factors that determines our financial success is our ability to give great consultations. When our guests don’t buy more services and products, rebook their next appointment, or send us referrals, it’s because they feel we didn’t listen to them or we didn’t understand or appreciate the look they wanted.

Nothing closes the gap of misunderstanding of what our guest wants better than an extraordinary consultation. This is why becoming highly skilled at “Top 20” Consulting is so important.

1. Discover Problems With Questions.
Asking our guests the right questions enables them to give us the information we need. This information is extremely valuable because it helps us to determine the services needed to create the looks our salon guests desire.

2. Paraphrase
Our first few efforts at paraphrasing may sound forced or phony. However, as we get skillful, it will become a natural part of our consulting process. Paraphrasing Example: “Let me see if I understand what you’re looking for. It sounds like you would like a look that gives your hair more body, more depth, and more richness in the color and is easier to take care of. Do I have this right?

3. Raising Interest with the Right Purpose
In Consulting we must raise another kind of energy – interest. When a guest gets a sense that we are interested in them and what they want, they become more interested in us, and what we want FOR them. Having the Right Purpose is the best way of truly showing our guests that we are interested in them.

For more information on exceptional guest consultations, read Over The Top, click here!


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