24 June 2024

Video Alert! Clients Confess: “Why I Reviewed My Hairdresser Online”

The path towards true love never runs smooth. So if you want to prevent bad reviews popping up online, you’ve got to have a plan and the right systems in place to catch issues before it’s too late, according to Shortcuts Software.

With negative online reviews a threat to the reputation and bottom line of any business, Shortcuts went out on the streets and asked real clients what prompted them to ”kiss and tell” about their stylist online.

The resulting confessional style video, the second in Shortcuts’ client interview series, shines a light on significant communication breakdowns happening between salons and their clients.

Shortcuts Software CEO Paul Tate said, “One of the interesting findings from the project was that most people said they would much prefer to be writing good reviews, and only go negative as a last resort. In-person confrontation is hard for a lot of people, but just because they don’t want to tell you to your face, it doesn’t mean that they don’t have anything to say.”

Overwhelmingly, clients preferred the option to leave a private online survey after they leave the salon. Almost every person who wrote a bad review said the outcome would have been different if the salon had proactively reached out to them first.”

According to Tate, the key is to not only have the systems in place to gather feedback, but to also take it on board and use it as a tool to grow the business.

The best salons are improving by listening to their clients,” Paul said, adding: “Remember, it’s not personal; it’s business – your business.”

To watch “Why Do Clients Kiss and Tell” and gain tips for surviving a bad online review, visit www.yoursalonreviews.com


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