2 April 2023

Mistake? Erase! Affinage Eraser solves haircolor disasters

For every “HELP!” call received to fix a color problem, hairdressers have often longed for a magic product that would save the day without sacrificing the integrity of their clients’ hair.

Lucky for them, Affinage was paying attention and introduced Eraser. Using Affinage’s unique D.A.T.E.M. Plus technology, Eraser is a safe and effective two-part color removal system that specifically targets individual artificial hair color molecules, breaks them down while quickly and effectively removing them from the hair shaft.

Regardless of whatever hair color brand a hairdresser uses, this is one product everyone needs to have,” explained Catie Hansen, national education director for Affinage. “Eraser erases color mistakes and gets the job done quickly and easily without damaging the hair.”

Eraser’s color removal system uses a low pH level conditioning the hair, leaving it in better shape and immediately ready for a fresh application of color. Its unique formulation contains chelating agents in both lotions as well as the after-application Post Eraser product. Because of the chelating agent’s ability to encapsulate artificial color molecules and break them up, Eraser can also be used when intense color needs to be broken up because of repeated applications. With its low pH and added protective ingredients, hairdressers can use Eraser as a conditioning treatment to improve the condition of the hair without removing its natural color.

To use, begin by mixing equal parts of Eraser lotions 1 and 2 and apply, leaving on from 5 to 15 minutes with or without heat depending on the shade, tone or depth of color needing to be removed. Rinse the hair, and if need be, repeat the process. Finish with Post Eraser to neutralize all chemical residues, restore the natural pH of the hair and prevent hair from darkening with a new color application. Eraser also can be used with foils or a cap to gently remove tone and depths of artificial colors.

Affinage Eraser is available in a two-application pack for the salon cost of $12.

Launched in 1996 by International Hair Cosmetics and now represented in all five continents, Affinage Infiniti permanent haircolor features D.A.T.E.M. Plus technology and has been followed into the marketplace by tone-on-tone color, fashion colors, permanent waves, specialized highlighting systems, bleaching powder as well as shampoo, conditioner and styling products manufactured for the professional beauty industry.

For more information, please call 877.597.2929 or visit www.affinage.com


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