13 June 2024

What to Do When a Client Gives you Carte Blanche

Isn’t it every stylist’s dream to have someone sit in their chair and give them carte blanche? A blank slate just waiting to be turned beautiful! Joi Rooks, owner of fresche salon (Atlanta, GA), was given the opportunity when her sister put herself in Rooks’ trusted hands.

As an experienced stylist for 25 years, I feel I do my best work when a client just allows me to do my work. My sister works in my salon and is often the last one to be taken care of, unfortunately. I watched her haircut grow out and become less flattering on her and I really wanted to just make her over without her input, because I was so clear on what needed to be done,” explains Rooks who worked her magic (see above). However, this process does not usually happen as organically with a guest, a stylist has to be more gentle and explain the plan.

Here are some steps Rooks suggests to follow:

1. Start by looking at their face shape to determine what needs to happen with length, fullness and angels. Decide bangs or no bangs, face shape will dictate it.

2. Look at texture and ask questions about how they style their hair, including what tools and products they use and how much time they can devote to the process.

3. Explain the plan of action, if you are a good communicator they will trust you and give you carte blanche.

Rooks is a KMS Artistic Team member and teaches a program called the IQ Cutting Method. “It’s fantastic to help stylists learn how to design the right cut for face shape, hair texture and gives them the skills they need to formulate a plan,” adds Rooks.


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