3 March 2024

Meet the Twirler: The World’s Only Spherical Brush

The Twirler special, circular design means hair can be styled in one simple twirl without the hassle of painful tangles or fumbling around with brushes that just don’t cut it. Plus, the Twirler comes in both a regular and a never seen before, thermal design, which conducts heat and makes curling hair easy without an iron.

This twist on the classic hairbrush design adds instant fullness and volume to any hairstyle with a simple twirl. The Twirler’s design mimics the spherical shape of the head to create a softer, more natural look that compliments the face. Here are the perks:

● Easy-grip handle allows the hair to twirl in any direction effortlessly. The brush lifts at the roots creating a smooth, rolling motion with gentle-tip bristles that preserve hair’s strength and shine.
Creates gentle waves, relaxing tight curls, adding extra volume and bounce, eliminating flat spots, even sculpting blow-dry styles quickly and effortlessly.
The Thermal Twirler is a metal design with high heat resistant bristles to achieve beautiful waves with only a hair dryer. The unique design distributes heat and creates maximum volume with air circulation.

How is It different from a traditional round brush?
A regular “round” brush isn’t round, it’s a cylinder. Cylinders can only roll in one direction so using it requires one stretch and contort their arms in a clumsy way Mother Nature never intended. Plus, round brushes tend to wear out in the middle while the ends remained untouched. The Twirler allows the person to hold the brush in a position that feels comfortable while still reaching all the hair. It can be rolled, twirled, flipped, feathered, or lifted.

Unique benefits and features include:
– High heat resistant bristles.
– Air circulates throughout the ball brush, creating maximum volume.
– Great for all hair textures and lengths.
– Easy-grip handle.
– Can be used on wet or dry hair.

Unique benefits and features of the Thermal Twirler include:
– High heat resistant bristles.
– For use on wet or dry hair.
– Great for detangling.
– Unique metal base helps distribute heat for rapid styling and drying.

The Twirler was launched last February at Sally Beauty Supply, Ulta Beauty and other specialty retailers. The classic small Twirler retails for $11.99, classic large for $14.99 and the thermal Twirler retails for $20. For more information, please visit www.thetwirler.com


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