9 June 2023

Live from American Crew 2014-2015 All-Star Challenge – Day One!

Passion. Talent. Creativity. Estetica Magazine is live ‘behind-the-scenes’ at the first day of the global final of the American Crew 2014-2015 All-Star Challenge! Get the chance to meet the Finalists at the All-Star Challenge photoshoot, held in the magnificent Lumina Studios in Rome (Italy)!

Today, the first 7 of the 15 global finalists are conducting an intense photoshoot lead by the world-renowned photographer and founder of American Crew, David Raccuglia. The aim of the photoshoot is to create a winning look to compete for the coveted title of Global Winner of the 2014-2015 All-Star Challenge. Tomorrow, April 17th, the 8 remaining finalists will begin the second day of photoshoots in Lumina Studios and then on April 20th, Monday, the spectacular Awards Ceremony will take place at the end of the American Crew Trends Presentation at Fiera Roma. 

The All-Star Challenge competition combines the key aspects of the art and science in men’s grooming and style. This includes the cut, the model and the photograph and brings them all together to deliver the ultimate interpretation of the American Crew Man.

Meet today’s 7 finalists:

David Andreas Kyrkiris (Canada) How has American Crew + men’s grooming influenced your styling?American Crew provides top-of-the-line styling products and an overall lifestyle philosophy. It is not only a styling product company, but also offers a cutting method strictly devoted to men’s hair. With American Crew, it’s possible to offer clients three looks, while doing only one haircut. The looks can be adapted to any style at any moment of the day.

Kevin Birk (Denmark) What was the inspiration for your winning style and what products did you use to create it?My inspirations were James Dean and Clark Gable. I wanted the hairstyle and model to express a combination of what they radiate: James Dean, a free and original rebel, and Clark Gable, a true old-school gentleman, clean and groomed to the teeth. I used Liquid Wax and Forming Cream to create the look.

Guillaume Fort (France) Who are your mentors?I’m lucky to have had a career filled with wonderful people who have crossed my professional path and made me who I am today. A few who have been instrumental include my hair professor Jean-Louis Siros, my second boss and hairdresser/ barber Jean-Claude Vela, my friend and former partner Olivier Abat, my artistic director of “Hairdressers in France” Pascal Raffy Buge, and of course, my wife Marlene, who has always supported me.

Marcel Kuchenbrod (Germany) Who’s you favorite male celebrity hairstyle?I really like the classic style of James Dean, but my favorite current celebrity style belongs to Aiden Grimshaw of “X Factor fame.

Zsanett Fabian (Hungary) What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?My mentor, Istvan Palfi, once said “you can reach the top, for a second, maybe a minute, but after that, you have to go forward and study more because you can never stay there for long.

Sergio Criscino (Italy) Can you tell us about your hair story?I inherited my father’s profession. At the age of 15 I began working at Toni&Guy in London. When I was 21, I returned to Sicily to join my father’s salon as a stylist. I’m working hard to continue my dad’s dream. I devote most of my time to his salon and bringing forward my abilities, experience and knowledge to make it the best experience in town.”

Armando Rivas de la Cruz (Mexico) How did you feel when you won the National Title?#ICantBelieveIt It is a huge honor to be part of this competition and to be the winner in Mexico. The global Challenge will help me reinvent my perspective on men’s grooming.



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