30 January 2023

Celebrities go short – great time to be a barber!

Whether it may be the change in weather or just change in the season trends, celebrity women are much bolder when it comes to wearing shorter looks. These modern day Joan of Arcs seem to be more liberated when it comes to cutting their hair and we see it more often than none!

Infamous for her candy colored hair Katy Perry debuted on Instagram a shorter hairstyle some days ago. Her filled in eyebrows and nose piercing gives her that bad girl edge. Starlets have been taking the risk and going shorter for decades. Audrey Hepburn has made shorter hair iconic and stunning. While Halle Berry who is well known for her shorter hair has stayed faithful to the look throughout the years. 

More recently Miley Cyrus surprised her fans when she not only went short, but platinum blonde and even Beyonce amazed everyone with a short hair stint at one point. Other celebrities such as Scarlett Johansson and Rihanna who are known for taking hair raising risks have also went short. While others do it for their roles like Anne Hathaway in “Les Miserables.” Other starlets like the bold and beautiful Kelly Osbourne opt out of the traditional short hair and try a mohawk. Whatever the type of short hair these celebrity women carry, in the end it is truly a great time to be a barber!

By Diana Dias / Photos Instagram/Getty Images



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