22 April 2024

K-PAK goes Bold and Gold with an Exclusive Design for Limited Edition 40th

In a year where Joico counts its 40th year in helping people everywhere get their healthy hair back, Joico is partnering with LULU DK for a “Go Bold & Gold” campaign, that showcases an exclusive, limited anniversary edition design to its unrivaled and award-winning treatment, K-PAK Deep-Penetrating Reconstructor!

And with its 15th consecutive win of the Stylist Choice Awards for “Favorite Deep/Restorative Conditioner” announced Sunday, March 22, 2015, it’s no wonder that for this gold standard of products, Joico went with this beautiful bold and gold design by Lulu DK. Available for a limited time starting in April in salons near you, and directly at Joico.com, the striking, gold-metallic designed bottle of “K-PAK Reconstructor” (with 40% more product!) will be offered along with a sheet of exclusively designed gold metallic, temporary tattoos FREE with purchase. Designer metallic, temporary tattoos have been all the rage with celebrities, with everyone from style mavens Beyoncé and Sarah Jessica Parker to young talents like Ariana Grande and Vanessa Hudgens showing them off like fine jewelry to add allure to a casual look or intrigue to a more formal one.

The bottle design and the free tattoos that come with it, were both exclusive designs by artist Lulu deKwiatkowski, who’s company LULU DK, Joico has partnered with for this and other specially designed pieces in 2015. Lulu –a highly sought-after designer, known for her youthful yet chic designs, where old-world artistry meets eclectic and modern tastes– is a perfect fit for Joico. Big-name department stores have recognized the value of her unique designs, and when Joico landed on their “Go Bold & Gold” campaign for their 40th year in the world of professional haircare, they knew there was no one better than Lulu to help punctuate the campaign’s tagline and bring it to life visually.

Lulu, born in NYC and now bi-coastal living in L.A., also called Paris home and muse. A graduate of the Parsons School of Design with a Fine Arts and Interior Design degree, Lulu happened upon a fabric mill outside of Paris, and inspiration struck! Transforming her trompe l’oeil wall paintings into fabric fantasies. Months later, LULU DK textiles was born, and her designs have been coveted ever since.

K-PAK gold meets Lulu gold in this chic design that fronts the entire façade of the kit both the product and the free tattoo sheet come in. K-PAK Deep-Penetrating Reconstructor and the free sheet of exclusive LULU DK temporary metallic tattoos complement each other beautifully as they are showcased side by side in this limited edition kit that not only offers the free tattoos with purchase but gives people more of the product they love. Forty percent more product to be exact in this limited anniversary edition – just perfect for Joico’s 40th!

Bonus-size K-PAK Deep-Penetrating Reconstructor (211 ml / 7.14 oz) with FREE Lulu DK temporary metallic tattoos ($11.00 value)… Total SRP $19.99 / Total Value $38.99

Joico will be offering other special editions and items throughout its 2015 partnership with LULU DK, so keep up to date through Joico’s social media including Instagram @Joico, Facebook and Twitter @Joico and for where to buy the limited time promotion, find a salon near you or shop online just go to Joico.com


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