1 October 2022

Monday Biz Tips! 4 Ways to Increase Your Future Reservations

It’s important that we take some time to think about our word choices! Intelligent verbiage is paramount when it comes to successful outcomes. For example, let’s talk about the use of “rebook.”

Rebook is a backstage word. It is a term we use in coaching and in our offices; however, it is not a term we should use on-stage.

On-stage our guests should be spoken to in an intelligent manner, a manner that makes them want to reserve before they leave the salon.

A few simple tips:

  1. Future Reservation – use verbiage that the guest understands!
  2. Expiration Date – let your guest know the time frame that the service will expire and require your professional attention.
  3. Be Specific – if you are going to speak in weeks… please be specific. If you are still using a range like 4-6 weeks when recommending a future reservation, you are only telling your guests that it doesn’t matter when they return. Just be specific. If it is 3 weeks, tell them 3 weeks and also let your guests know exactly what month and week that falls on.
  4. Consultation – plant seeds by talking to your guests about what you are planning for them during their current visit and the next two visits as well. Take charge in a gracious way.

For more information on scripts for rebooking, click here!


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