24 July 2024

Haircolor How To: Get the Vibrant Bubblegum Pink!

When Jessica Rivera, stylist at Aurelio Salon had a guest with level 4-8 color and a natural level of 5 request bubblegum pink, she knew she would to turn to Elumen Hair Color for it’s vibrant color choices and long lasting vibrancy.

Bubblegum Pink Formula!

  1. Formula A: 1 Scoop Goldwell Oxycur + 9% 35MLS
  2. Formula B: 1 Scoop Goldwell Oxycur + 6% 35MLS
  3. Formula C: Goldwell Blonding Cream 5MLS + 12% 10 MLS
  4. Formula D: 10V 10MLS + Goldwell Colorance Lotion 20MLS
  5. Formula E: 10BA 5MLS + 10BS 5MLS + Goldwell Colorance Lotion 20MLS
  6. Formula F: Goldwell Elumen SV@10 40MLS + PK@ALL 6MLS

Bubblegum Pink Step-by-Step!

  1. 1. Section out from the ears forward and apply Formula A from midshaft to ends on back sections.
  2. 2. Apply Formula B on midshaft to ends on top sections.
  3. 3. Process for 25 minutes, rinse with KMS California Moist Repair Shampoo and apply Moist Repair Conditioner.
  4. 4. Dry hair and reapply Formula A to back section.
  5. 5. Process 10 minutes and apply Formula A to new growth.
  6. 6. Process 15 minutes and rinse, shampoo and condition.
  7. 7. Dry hair and apply Formula C to slight orange band in bangs.
  8. 8. Process 10 minutes and rinse, shampoo and condition.
  9. 9. Towel dry hair and apply Formula D to new growth and top sections and Formula E to midshaft to ends on back sections.
  10. 10. Process for 10 minutes and rinse thoroughly and shampoo with Goldwell Elumen Wash
  11. 11. Prepare hair and dry.
  12. 12. Apply Formula F from roots to ends.
  13. 13. Process for 25 minutes under dryer and rinse with Goldwell Elumen Wash and apply Lock (3minutes), rinse and treat.


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