2 October 2023

Wildly Powerful Texture! Get Esteban Cortazar’s Amazonian Look by Eugene Souleiman

The hair at Esteban Cortazar was wildly powerful with abundant texture. The look has been created with spontaneity, working visually and treating each girl differently, reacting to her hair texture, length and face shape to create an Amazonian look that is elemental and raw, savage and beautifully broken.

Last season for this same show we braided the hair and when we took the braids out after the show, we liked the texture it created and wanted to bring that back this season. The soft organic textures and shapes work well with this collection as it is more primal, with intricate details that were inspired by last seasons’ braids. We’ve finished the look with a wet fringe, it’s as if the girl has just emerged from the humidity of the Amazon jungle and this contrast between wet and dry brings drama and modernity to the look,” describes Eugene Souleiman.

Get The Look:

  1. 1. Section the hair into three equal portions, ensuring that the hair is evenly distributed around the head.
  2. 2. Create three braids of equal thickness and weight and saturate with EIMI Dynamic Fix hairspray.
  3. 3. To quickly set the texture and create a defined shape to the curl, squash the braids between hair straighteners.
  4. 4. Once dry and cooled, undo the braids and brush through with a bristle brush to create abundant volume. Spray with EIMI Dry Me to emphasise the texture.
  5. 5. Apply EIMI Shape Control mousse over the crown and squash into the hair to recreate the look of Amazonian humidity. Rub the palm of your hand upwards against the grain of the hair to create a soft, broken texture.
  6. 6. To finish, create a unique shape to the front of each girl’s hair, using hair pins to secure areas and break up the fullness.


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