9 December 2021

How To: Antonio Marras’ Dazzling, Eclectic Hairstyles by Wella’s Eugene Souleiman

At Antonio Marras FW2015 Collection Show during Milan Fashion Week, the hair was full of contrasts, mimicking the eclectic mix of period and modern references seen within the collection. Learn how to recreate the look with Eugene Souleiman, Wella Professionals Global Creative Director of Care & Styling.

Antonio Marras is one of the best shows to do as a hairdresser; he gives you creative freedom to interpret the collection in your own way,” reveals Eugene. “There are many points of detail within this look.”

It’s the mixing of multiple influences that gives a rich yet unrefined quality to the Marras silhouette and I’ve tried to capture this within the look. While the floral fabrics verge on the romantic, I wanted something tougher for the hair, it’s boyish yet pretty, with an underlying Italian Medieval feel that has been given a modern twist to create something very refined,” describes Eugene Souleiman.

Get The Look:

  1. 1. Start with freshly blow dried hair that has been sectioned off and work the side sections first.
  2. 2. Apply a fine mist of EIMI Dynamic Fix to the roots and brush through to secure in a ponytail at the nape of the neck. Pull the ponytail tight, so that the hair is restricted. The sides should be sharp and severe, hugging the ears so that you just see the lobes.
  3. 3. Taking the top section, spray in EIMI Ocean Spritz to add texture to help bind the hair and back comb. Start from the crown and work towards the front of the head, building up texture as you go. Stop one inch before forehead.
  4. 4. Saturate the front inch of this section with EIMI Dynamic Fix and blow dry through a hair net to set in a very flat, shiny texture to frame the forehead and create a clear demarcation between the wet and dry textures of this top section.
  5. 5. Taking the lengths of the top section, push the hair back on itself to create a roll, aim for a shape that looks a little like a headdress. Push up the sides and secure with a hairpin to create a sharp and square shape that is masculine yet elegant.
  6. 6. Using an elastic, secure the hair in a ponytail working over the ponytail previously made. Leave long ends on the elastic.
  7. 7. Finish the top section by brushing back on the hair to create light flyaway texture.
  8. 8. Taking the ponytail, wrap the hair around the lengths of elastic, spraying EIMI Perfect Setting to add control, then push the hair up to the nape of neck, to create a snails shell at the base of the head.
  9. 9. Blow dry the coiled hair gently with a diffuser to set the hair in a soft wave. Release the hair and brush through with a bristle brush to create static and light, flyaway texture. Finish with EIMI Dry Me which will hold the light texture in the back lengths.

EIMI launches in US salons starting September 2015. For more information, visit www.wella.com


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