5 March 2024

Increase Flexibility, Speed with New Cordless Magic Clip from Wahl

Prepare to style without limitations. Wahl Professional unveiled a cordless version of their popular Magic Clip ultimate fade clipper during Bronner Bros. International Beauty Show Feb 21-23 in Atlanta.

The Magic Clip is lightweight, packed with power and has a close-cutting surgical blade for precision fading,” said Lance Wahl, Director of Sales and Marketing, Wahl Clipper Corporation Professional Division. “We wanted to give barbers a tool that gives them a little more free range to cut, and the market was asking for a cordless clipper with a close cutting blade.”

The Cordless Magic Clip will feature unique “crunch blade” technology, a 5-Star adjustable bottom blade, a 90-minute battery life and a taper lever.

Our cordless Designer and Sterling 4 were extremely well received by barbers. It is only right to offer them the cordless option with the Magic Clip,” said Laura VanderMoere, Director of Education for Wahl Professional. “Because of its very unique version of our current stagger tooth top blade, the ‘crunch blade,’ and the standard 5-Star adjustable bottom blade, it allows the user to zero overlap the blade for extremely close cutting.

Wahl Education and Artistic Team (W.E.A.T.) Member Kristi Faulkner relies on her Magic Clip for its close cutting, but also its versatility and power.

I use this clipper on any multi-cultural customer,” said Faulkner. “That is why it has such a broad range and why the clipper is so unique and special. You can do extremely close bald fades all the way to free hand Afro’s. Any tight precision fade it will out cut the rest. No matter what ethnic background or texture hair, the Cordless Magic Clip can handle it.”

In addition to the “crunch blade” technology, the cordless Magic Clip will also feature a rotary motor and a linear guide system, which means that the blades move back and forth parallel to each other.

As a female barber, it fits very comfortably in my smaller hand,” said Faulkner. “The weight of it is so light, but still very powerful. It is a must have for fading small children. The rotary motor is powerful yet quiet. It has the cordless feature that allows the freedom to do a haircut incredibly fast, and kids don’t like to sit long.”

The original Magic Clip is a popular clipper, and VanderMoere believes barbers and stylists will be excited with added freedom, flexibility and dexterity the new cordless version supplies.

If they are loyal users of the corded Magic Clip this new version is updated with new advanced technology that results in faster cutting and smoother blends while less stress on the body because of its cordless flexibility,” said VanderMoere. “If they have never used a Magic Clip and are avid faders, we challenge them to try this new technology, they will see, feel and love the difference.”


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