26 November 2022

NYFW How To: FHI Heat Hair Trends for MT Costello, Mimi Tran & Walter Mendez

FHI Heat was the Official Hair Sponsor of Art Hearts Fashion that featured talent, creative innovation and design theatrics including MT Costello’s immaculate collection of gowns and jaw dropping finale that flooded fashion news and TMZ.

FHI Heat, the professional hair tools brand was honored to be the Official Hair Sponsor for Art Hearts Fashion, the final show for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week New York, held on February 19th at Lincoln Center. Celebrities including, E! Total Divas Foxy Brown, Lilly Ghalichi and Miss J Alexander came out to celebrate the talented designers featuring MT Costello, Walter Mendez, Mimi Tran, House of Byfield, House of LiJon and Mister Triple X and Hallie Sarah. Hairdressers for FHI Heat worked hand in hand with the designers to create hair concepts that complemented the designers Autumn/Winter 2015 Collections. Learn how to recreate the looks:

MT COSTELLO: A mix of sleek, texture and chaos

Get the Look:

  1. • Choose one side of the hair to section off and comb back, keeping the hair very smooth and slick to the head.
  2. • Secure with bobby pins allowing some of the hair from the top of the head to fall over the pins.
  3. • Once the single side has been secured, spray with Rapid Effects Shaping Spray by FHI Heat and smooth with fingers.
  4. • Take the remaining hair and using the FHI Heat ¾” Platform Curling Iron, create inconsistent curls throughout the head.
  5. • Once curls have cooled, spray with Runway IQ Dry Spray by FHI Heat – a great spray for set, styling and finishing.
  6. • Gently glide the teasing comb up the strand of hair to create just a small amount of texture and volume.
  7. • Once texture has been achieved, spray the hair lightly with water to create a wet, messy look.
  8. • Add dimension to the ends of the hair by utilizing colored shadows or gels to create a look of distress.

WALTER MENDEZ: Classically Sleek Center part, sleek double ponytail

Get the Look:

  1. • Keep the hair stick straight with FHI Heat’s EPS Black Diamond hair tools.
  2. • Pull hair into a slick, tight ponytail near the occipital bone. Use Daily Beauty Argan Oil to create smooth sleek look without flyaways and Runway IQ Dry Spray will allow the look to be secure without cementing to the head.
  3. • Use small strand of hair to wrap around the ponytail to hide the rubber band and secure with a bobby pin.
  4. • Approximately 1 ½ to 2 inches below the first ponytail, make a second ponytail.
  5. • Use small strand of hair to wrap around the ponytail to hide the rubber band. Secure this strand with a bobby pin.
  6. • In between the two ponytails, place two fingers on the back of the head and lay the second ponytail at the bottom of the two fingers.
  7. • Secure the second ponytail to this point on the back of the head, closer to the neckline. Press the remaining hair to very sleek straight.
  8. • Finalize the look with Rapid Effects Shaping Spray and Rapid Effects Shine Spray by FHI Heat.

MIMI TRAN: 20’s Style – Finger waves, Pin Curls, 20’s Elegance

Get the Look:

  1. • Spray the hair with Rapid Effects Shine Spray by FHI Heat to create a tangle free, shiny palette.
  2. • Gently section the hair.
  3. • Taking each section, wrap the hair around two fingers to create pin curls.
  4. • Secure each pin curl to the head. For this look, you will not remove the pins as they will be part of the finished look.
  5. • For the bang area, gently direct the hair from the side part and complete the last 2-3” of each section with the pin curl.
  6. • Finish with Runway IQ Dry Spray and Rapid Effects Shine Spray by FHI Heat.

Photos: Getty Images



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