26 September 2021

What does the “Faux” say?

With the latest fashion news of Disney Star Zendaya making headlines for her appearance on the Oscars Red Carpet wearing her faux locs, many have been looking deeper into the trend that has made an appearance last summer and seems to be trending more amongst other celebs. 

We decided to take a look into the latest craze that many celebrities have been wearing recently. First off, some may be wondering what are the Faux Locs? The faux locs first became popular when Ciara instagramed her hair last summer but has been known to be worn amongst other African Americans for years. The faux locs are kind of like getting braids, the same amount of time you would normally take to braid will be required to achieve the style. 

The look is a great protective style for those who maybe curious to committing to a different look later down the line.  The locs can either be temporary or permanent. The temporary form lasts up to three months and does not require you to alter the chemical or physical state of your natural hair.  A few celebs that have tried the look include Ciara, Zendaya, Kylie Jenner and Lady Gaga to name a few. What do you think of the faux locs?

By Diana Dias / Photos: Getty Images / Instagram



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