27 May 2022

Get the Look! DKNY’s distinct hair style by Eugene Souleiman for Wella Professionals

The obvious contradictions at first glance are the mix of tension and texture. At DKNY FW2015 Collection Show the hair was tight to the head at the front, then left loose at the back, with a hidden braid detail to create lift and movement as the girl walks. Learn how to recreate the look with Eugene Souleiman, Wella Professionals Global Creative Director of Care & Styling.

I wanted to add a new dimension to minimalism, shift the look more towards maximalism – but in a subtle way. In doing so, the simple has become slightly more complex, I’ve added some subtle nuances to make the hair look alive. The look is delicate but hard, giving the girls a distinct presence so that they can own the catwalk. It’s these contradictions that attract attention and add intrigue to the look,” describes Eugene Souleiman.

The Look: Street Style
The street version of the show look would be similar, perhaps with a little less product making it a little less hard.  So easy to create, don’t need a brush or a comb, like wearing a beany hat to flatten the top of the head, after removing hat simply use fingers to massage texture into the hair.

Get the Look:

1. Take an inch section from behind the ear and follow the shape of the hair line to create a strong base that the top can be pulled down and tied to. The objective is to create a tension and sleekness and provide a foundation that is rock solid.
2. Create a center part (leaving out a thin section for the next step) and saturate the top section with Wella Professionals Ocean Spritz at the roots and Wella Professionals Stay Essential, then brush through achieving a tight-to-the-head, wet look. Secure at the nape with the braided ponytail.
3. The thin section at the center part will be used to add texture on top. Spray this fine section with Wella Professionals LuxeOil Light Oil Shine Spray then use fingers to massage the hair into place, aiming for loose stands to create a fine and intricate pattern across the surface of the hair.
4. To set these strands in place, spray the top of the hair with Wella Professionals Stay Essential then cover the head with a mesh scarf, pulling down to create tension and ensure the hair sits flat to the head.
5. Apply more Wella Professionals Stay Essential through the mesh and then gently dry with a hair dryer, using a diffuser to prevent disturbing the surface of the hair. Once dry, remove the scarf and you’re runway ready.

Photos: Getty Images



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