21 July 2024

Educating Guests on Tonal Differences

How many times has a guest requested a color that just doesn’t make sense? Happens all the time because they really don’t understand all there is to know about coloring hair.

They don’t understand that hair color can have warm, neutral or cool tones, and when considering their color, they give broad statements that sometimes don’t make sense or would not look good. The staff at Aurelio Salon follows these tips when educating guests on tonal differences.

How-to: Educate Your Guest on Tonal Differences

1. Explain warm, neutral and cool tones – you learned this in beauty school, share your knowledge to enlighten them. Explain what colors create contrast and what colors are complimentary. Most guests are pretty understanding after you elaborate and are prepared to put their hair in your hands. 

2. Use a visual. Put those color swatches to use to teach guests about tone. Match natural hair color to a swatch and put it next to the desired color for the ends. The guest immediately identifies how these colors do NOT go together… then you can simply change the base tone for the ends to make sense.

3. Use a color wheel. Present guests the grand color wheel itself. This is the simplest, yet most informative way to explain tones. Goldwell has a great color wheel that shows guests their current color level, where their desired level is, and needs to be done to get there.

The above guest came in to see Alicia Kiwacz, stylist at Aurelio Salon, and picked a swatch from Goldwell’s demi-permanent line, Colorance. The color she picked was 8OR and she wanted it on her ends only. Because of her training, Kiwacz chose to change the tone of her base and mid-shaft to a warmer color to compliment her ends. She was a natural level 7 and her ends were an 8 from the summer. For her roots and mid-shaft, she used Goldwell Topchic 10 volume developer with 7K and a small amount of 7N to mute it a little. For her ends she used 8KG with 20 volume developer to get a little more vibrancy. Once the guest was washed, her ends were glazed with Goldwell Colorance 7KG and 8N roots to mid-shaft and her ends with the desired 8OR.

Her results were consistent and very rich in color pigment, and the glaze added additional reflective shine,” adds Kiwacz.



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