3 October 2022

Beyoncé – All Hail The Queen of Hearts

In tribute of Valentine’s Day we instantly thought of power couple Beyoncé and Jay-Z who dominated 2014. 

Beyoncé, perfectly embodies the model of a Queen and is perfect for her King. This statuesque, hair lioness is the most beloved diva of our time and has indeed become a reference to fashion and beauty, that has marked the last fifteen years of show business. We are sure there is more to come with Beyoncé as we are certain that after her recent Grammy Award win she will continue to dominate 2015 with her husband Jay-Z in tow.

So what really is the magic recipe for the success of Beyoncé? Hair always perfect of course! During her career, the natural color –a very dark brown– has undergone several transformations. At the time of Destiny’s Child, Beyoncé preferred average lengths and curls associated with light shades of brown, to intrude into the blond, to give more emphasis to shades of amber.

In recent times she has been fluctuating between cuts, medium and long, alternating with a successful bob – the singer has returned to the long hair that falls past her shoulders as she graced the red carpet of the 2015 Grammy Awards. After the bob of 2014 that pleasantly surprised many we are excited to see what exactly Beyoncé will do next! Till then let us reflect on the looks of Beyoncé’s past. 

Photos: Getty Images



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