5 October 2022

Misbehaved Kids? No Problem! Get them the “Benjamin Button Special”

Most of you may know the story of Benjamin Button from the movie, “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button,” where Brad Pitt plays a fascinating character that ages backwards. 

For one Atlanta barber, the public shame of disciplining badly behaved young kids by giving them the “Benjamin Button Special,” is just what the doctor ordered. For about three days a week parents walk their misbehaved kids into “A-1 Kutz” in Snellville to see Russell Fredrick and his team where they offer the “Benjamin Button Special” for free of charge. 

The cut resembles that of a senior citizen, where the barbers shave the crown of the head until it resembles a balding man. Can you imagine the looks on their classmate’s faces as they walk into school with their new cut? The idea sprung when Fredrick took disciplinary actions to his 12 year old son who’s grades improved after his ordeal. The cut has gotten a lot of social media attention with many parents inquiring how they can get their kid the “Benjamin Button Special”!

There has been mixed reviews about the haircut with most applauding Fredrick’s actions. What do you think of the “Benjamin Button Special?”

By Diana Dias / Photo: Instagram Rusty_Fred


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