30 November 2022

How To: US American Crew All-Star Challenge Winning Look by Alyssa Brasket

The American Crew All-Star Challenge is widely considered one of the top men’s grooming competitions in the world. The Challenge focuses on the art of men’s grooming – creativity, technique and one’s interpretation of masculinity in the modern world.

American Crew announced Alyssa Brasket, from The Barbers in Vancouver, WA the 2014-2015 U.S. All-Star Challenge Winner, during ISSE Long Beach, California. Alyssa will represent the United States as one of 15 finalists chosen to compete in the global 2014-2015 American Crew All-Star Challenge to be held in Rome, April 20th, 2015. Learn how to recreate Alyssa’s winning look, step by step:

The Cut:

  1. • Starting at the mid-nape of the neck, create tension by pulling the hair straight down and point cut around the neck using American Crew Shears.
  2. • After working through the bottom section, focus on the area between the top of the forehead and the crown. Divide hair into half-inch sections, pull up from the middle, and cut the ends to create a guideline for the layers.
  3. • Next, part the hair down the middle and divide it into pie sections. Start with the side towards the front of the face, working from the top guideline to the bottom guideline while moving around the head,
  4. • Once you’re done creating the layers, use the American Crew Feather Razor to add texture and separation at the mid-ends of the hair. This will also make the hair lighter and therefore, make it easier to create more volume when styling.
  5. • To finish the look, use American Crew Clippers with a 000 attachment and American Crew Barber Comb for clipper over comb on the side burn.

The Style:

  1. • Apply American Crew Firm Hold Styling Gel to damp hair, all-over from root to end.
  2. • Using a 1” round brush and blow dryer set to high and hot, brush hair from root to end to create volume.
  3. • Once dry, apply American Crew Defining Paste to the ends of the hair to create texture and control.
  4. • Apply American Crew Pomade all over to add shine and more control.
  5. • Finally, apply American Crew Boost Powder to the roots to add height to the top of the hair.



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