13 April 2024

Video Alert! How to Create a Retro Braided Bob by Ruth Roche

Ruth demonstrates a beautiful look worthy of any special occasion… be it a holiday party or red carpet event! Take long hair into a bob in minutes!

Bobs and braids, braid and bobs, they are both hot, so why not combine the two for a cool retro braided bob? Ruth Roche, Artistic Ambassador for Pureology Serious Colour Care, shows how to create this look on long hair – the key is taking the time to prepare hair properly to create a solid foundation to support the shape.

Retro Braided Bob

  1. 1. Apply Pureology Root Lift to hair, blow dry and set with a 3Ž4” curling iron.
  2. 2. Create side part and take a horseshoe section at the crown, angling down from the sides to back, and pin up to hold.
  3. 3. Directionally lace all the hair that is left down to create a solid foundation to pin the bob to.
  4. 4. Using a Mason Pearson brush, smooth the surface with the side of the bristles and your hand.  The final look will have one side tucked behind the ear and the other will fall over the ear.
  5. 5. Spray Pureology Colour Stylist Supreme Control high hold hairspray on the entire surface.
  6. 6. Create a loose ponytail about 3-4” from the hairline (so the bob sits high enough) and roll the ponytail under and secure with a pin through the circle of the elastic to the laced section.
  7. 7. Drop the top section and let it fall naturally.
  8. 8. Starting with a 1” section on the side the hair will be tucked, create 3 strands and braid left over right and right over left, releasing the tension to create a slack braid that reaches the perimeter of the bob.
  9. 9. Once you reach the perimeter, add to the right section and wrap the left around, repeat until you reach the end, working horizontally when you reach the back.
  10. 10. When you get to the front, you can either leave the front section out or braid it in. If braiding, braid to the end and secure with an elastic, wrap the braid back on itself and secure with a pin.
  11. 11. Fishhook bobby pins working from one side to the next, secure the braid to the bottom of the bob all around the perimeter of the shape.
  12. 12. Finish with Pureology Colour Stylist Supreme Control high hold hairspray.

This look not only allows someone with longer hair to rock a shorter bob, it’s perfect for special occasions too!


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