21 April 2024

Au Naturale Cosmetics Founder, Ashley Prange & Supermodel Julie Henderson take on Congress!

Ashley Prange, founder of the all-organic company, Au Naturale Cosmetics, and company spokeswoman, 8-time Sports Illustrated cover model, Julie Henderson, headed to Washington D.C. to put their hats in the ring on Capital Hill in support of stricter regulations in the cosmetics industry.

Prange has been working with The Center of Food Safety (www.centerforfoodsafety.org) to spearhead conversation with members of Congress on the safety of the cosmetics in the United States. Why would she take on such a daunting task? Simply put, to bring awareness to the unhealthy attitude of the regulatory system and form alliances in order to instigate change.

Did you know?

The Cosmetics industry in the U.S. goes largely unregulated: Beauty products in the U.S. are not regulated or tested for safety. It is a $50 billion, self-regulating industry, with no labeling requirements.
● The European Union (EU) has banned 1,373 ingredients from cosmetics; the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has only banned 8 and restricted 3.
60% of what goes on your body ends up in your body therefore cosmetics (for the reasons stated above) are compromising the consumer’s health.

Prange knows a lot about regulation as she used to work at the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission. She would like to see the same rigorous regulatory process used in the nuclear industry, applied to the cosmetics industry… because health matters. And not just the health of consumers but also that of the environment—which in turn directly effect consumers, as the two go hand in hand.

For instance, Au Naturale Cosmetics uses organic oils to produce their premium organic make-up range, whereas other companies may use non-organic or GMO food grade ingredients. The latter contributes to the decline of our pollinators (Honeybees and Monarch butterflies), among other species.

The decrease in the Honeybee population is due to the use of insecticides sprayed on crops or coated on seeds, whereas Monarch’s are being killed because their primary food source (milkweed) is killed by herbicides sprayed on genetically engineered crops,” offered Colin O’Neil, Dir of Government Affairs, Center for Food Safety.  

Au Naturale Cosmetics uses organic oils that do not harm our vital pollinators. Organic farming prohibits the use of synthetic pesticides and by sourcing only organic ingredients Au Naturale can ensure their supply chain isn’t supporting such damaging agricultural practices. Unfortunately, most of the industrially produced foods and care products rely heavily on ingredients produced using toxic pesticides. Without swift action by our President and Federal Government, our pollinators will remain in jeopardy. Thus why it is important for individuals like Ashely Prange and Julie Henderson to visit Capital Hill!” stated O’Neil.

Henderson firmly aligned herself with Au Naturale Cosmetics after using their products. The model discovered she has a negative reaction to parabens found in almost all make-up. “Au Naturale has both cleared my skin and the product’s integrity inspired me to join the conversation of healthy cosmetics,” she shared.

Prange added, “It is one thing to complain about toxins in make-up. It’s another one to find time to fight for what is right; healthy cosmetics. Au Naturale Cosmetics is walking the walk and talking the talk.”

Sourced and produced in the USA, Au Naturale Cosmetics are made of only the highest quality ingredients free from gluten, lead, fragrances, Parabens, nano-particles and sulfates often found in other makeup lines, and is also vegan and gluten free. With over 130 SKU’s, Au Naturale Cosmetics offers professional products in various categories including face, cheeks, eyes, and lips in a myriad of colors to suit all skin tones.

Photo Caption: Ashley Prange and Julie Henderson at Congressman Ribble’s (WI) office on Capital Hill. Pictured from Left to right: Colin O’Neil, Ashley Prange, Cong. Ribble, Julie Henderson and Elizabeth Kucinich.

Photo Courtesy of Congressman Ribble’s office

For more information about Au Naturale Cosmetics please visit www.aunaturaleglow.com


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