2 June 2023

Sam Villa launches New Products at the 2015 Redken Symposium

The Future is in Your Hands” is the tag line of the 2015 Redken Symposium, January 25-27 in Las Vegas, NV, and that future looks BRIGHT this year with new innovative products from Sam Villa.

The Redken Symposium is an ideal place to launch our new products, because thousands of stylists can see the Sam Villa team using the tools and then head to our booth to learn more about them,” says Sam Villa, Founding Partner of Sam Villa and Redken Education Artistic Director.  Sam Villa products are designed specifically for hairdressers for minimal effort with maximum results.

Sam Villa Signature Series Invisiblend Shear: Traditional blending shears have square blades that cut shorter sections between longer sections, Invisiblend has scalloped edges, so the sections cut between the longer sections have a softer edge and blend better for an invisible textured effect. “This is the coolest shear – it gives the visual effect of pliable texture that a razor would create, but not the physical effect,” says Villa. The Invisiblend has 23 teeth, which have very sharp convex edges and the straight blade is finished with an over-polished blunt edge that pushes hair, the teeth cut it while it slides to the side, so no two hairs are cut to the same length, which eliminates any line from the cut. Once the shear is closed, there is nothing sharp exposed to the hair, so a stylist can comb out in any direction with zero drag or pulling. 
Sam Villa Signature Series TRUE Lefty Shears: Ergonomic comfort meets precision cutting with compression forged 100% Japanese Molybdenum Alloy for strength and durability. The pivot point is Teflon lined to eliminate metal on metal grinding for a smoother cut – a feature of the highest quality shears. The handcrafted convex blades are sharper and hold their edge longer than beveled edges, and an advanced leaf tension system is incorporated for added precision, control and maximum durability.

  1. – Reversible Blending Shear Left Handed: A true left handed blending and texturizing shear that features a 42-tooth radial pattern that eliminates blunt lines and is perfect for extracting weight and adding controlled texture to hair.
  2. – 5.75” Wet Cutting Shear Left Handed: A true left handed 5.75” ergonomic hair cutting shear, excellent for precision cutting techniques.
  3. – 6.25” Wet Cutting Shear Left Handed: A true left handed 6.25” ergonomic hair cutting shear, ideal for use everyday behind the chair for layering techniques, cutting one-length bobs and more.
  4. – 7” Dry Cutting Shear Left Handed: A true left handed 7” ergonomic hair cutting shear featuring a powerful sword blade, especially useful for dry cutting and condensed cutting techniques. Can also be used on wet hair.
  5. – 5.5” Swivel Shear Left Handed: A true left handed ergonomic hair cutting shear with a swiveling thumb ring.
  6. – 6” Swivel Shear Left Handed: A true left handed ergonomic hair cutting shear with a swiveling thumb ring.

Sam Villa Cape: A dual colored, 100% waterproof, chemical resistant cape for coloring and cutting. Use silver side for dark hair and black side for lighter hair for maximum contrast when cutting, demonstrating step-by-steps and documenting/photographing. A visual standard is created so hair floats on the cape.

Sam Villa Water Bottle:I saw this bottle and immediately fell in love with it,” says Villa. Ergonomically designed for minimal squeeze action – pump 1-2 times and water continues to mist out for a couple seconds. Pump less to have traditional water displacement. The controlled action pumping reduces stress on the wrist.

We wet hair to control and isolate it so it stays where we want it to stay to make cutting easier. In the past, we saturated hair before cutting it because we were doing more precision edges, but today we’re looking to create more natural movement with soft edges and we’re doing that with compression and point cutting which requires less moisture. The less water we use, the more we can control the softness of the edge – the more water we use, the more straight the line. This bottle does both – it’s ergonomical, durable and gives the stylist the control to have a continual mist or burst or moisture,” says Villa.

Sam Villa Dry Cutting Clips: Multi-purpose clips designed to NOT leave a mark on hair. A silicone band prevents slipping on dry hair and minimizes slip on wet. The band releases the pressure of the clip so there is no indentation on the hair. Used for sectioning, coloring, cutting (especially dry cutting) and up styles.  Holds a large amount of hair without leaving a dent/mark. Four clips to a pack.

Sam Villa 3Ž4” Thermal Styling Brush: This brush is ideal for shorter hair and has the perfect combination of nylon and boar bristles with ionic and ceramic benefits to create smoother healthier looking hair in a minimal amount of time.

Three amazing days of Redken education lead by the finest educators in the world is now complimented with innovative tools designed to help hairdressers implement the new tips and techniques learned at the Symposium in their own salons to grow their crafts and businesses.


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