30 November 2023

Exclusive Interview with UNITE’s Celebrity Stylist Ashley Streicher

Ashley dishes on “her win” at the Golden Globes with ‘Downtown Abbey’s Joanne Froggart‘s romantic updo.

When Ashley Streicher was asked to give a crowning touch of beauty to Joanne Froggart‘s splendid and fanciful frock chosen just for the occasion, she also had to convince the popular actress to give up on her plan of wearing her hair down, due to weather and fashion dictates. “The dress is a beautiful Marchesa that had never been seen – super exclusive. Navy blue, strapless, and covered in woven and textured flowers. I always like to look at the runway show of whatever designer the client is wearing for hair inspiration.”

So they finally compromised on a slightly undone braided updo to show off her earrings and dècolleté. It proved to be a winner! Estetica asked Ashley more about her inspiration and techniques in this exclusive interview.

Joanne’s dress was richly embrodered with flowers. Does a flowery motif or pattern often call for some sort of braids?
Joanne’s dress was so beautiful I loved the embroidered and sort of 3D flowered effect it had. I don’t feel that flowers always call for a braid at all, however I did want to see some sort of texture on her crown because of it. I also always look up the designers runway looks, and the models on the runway all had textured back hair. So I was inspired by that.”

Do you often take the weather into consideration when styling for a celebrity event, or just the gown?
Yes, most definitely! Because I’m not in the car with her until just before she goes on that carpet, so I can’t even touch her up before she goes on stage I always take weather into consideration. I wanted her to have a look that she didn’t have to worry about at all.”

What influence does the hair color have on the style you choose for the event?
I personally love a blonde braid because you are able to see all the different shades of color in the braid and it gives it so much texture and dimension.”

Is it difficult to sell a celebrity on a completely different style than the one they perhaps had in mind? What approach do you take?
Originally Joanne envisioned a down look for her day. I sort of struggled with that, mostly because I see a lot of red carpet coifs that are “long, down, wavy” looks that are indeed glamorous but can be boring after seeing so much of it. Honestly, the weather also had a big effect on deciding to wear it back as well. Her stylist and I talked about wearing it back in some sort of braid, I found a few beautiful reference photos to show her what I envisioned and it really didn’t take too much convincing at all. She loved them and after I finished her hair she was very excited and pleased with the last minute decision!

Will we continue to see messy braids at VIP events? Can this style be adapted to everyday use?
Yes, you will. Hopefully people will start stepping out of the box a little and take more risks because fashion is risky!! But also fun, doesn’t have to always be so serious. Sometimes a looser more relaxed look with a beautiful gown is so sexy!

By Marie Scarano


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