25 April 2024

3 Clever Tips on Getting Real Feedback from Real People

How many stylists really know how their clients feel about them and the services they provide? Is “the whole truth and nothing but the truth” a thing of the past? What will it take for REAL people to spill it? 

A successful business is run on facts, and REAL comments from REAL people are like GOLD! Boom Boom, owner of Boom Boom Brow Bar, has tips on how to get clients to sing.

I’m all about hearing about REAL people doing REAL things, because that’s when you get the nitty gritty on what’s going on, plus it’s great fodder for social media!,” says Boom Boom.

Tips on Getting REAL Feedback from REAL People
1. Send a follow-up email to all new guests asking for feedback – it helps keep staff motivated, reveals how the business is doing and the replies can be used for social media content.

Are you madly in love with your brows? Did you have FUN – what was your overall experience? I would love to get your 2 cents so we can get bigger, bolder, and better (just like your brows cookies!)!!!! Sooooo… if you do me this big favor of letting me know the whole truth and nothing but I WILL GIVE YOU A FREE BROW TINT WITH YOUR NEXT BROW!
I would also live for you so spill it sister!
Big Kiss,
Boom Boom

Love my brows! Everyone keeps telling me how great I look. My fave, one guy said “you look really great, but something is different; maybe it’s your hair?” No, silly! I just have eyebrows now! And I love ’em!

2. Sign up for http://www.yelp.com and actually read the reviews. Boom Boom even features Yelp reviews in the “Review” section of her website instead of biographies… Do we care if our esthetician/stylist is a band? No, we just want to know that she can rock brows/hair!

3. At the end of every year, Boom Boom Brow Bar features a Wish Wall – guests simply write their wishes on paper and tack it to a wall. Wishes are then photographed and featured online #WishWall. The wishes are authentic, funny, relatable and REAL!!!


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