24 June 2024

Holy Hairdryer on Fire!!! Being a Hairstylist the Least Stressful Job in 2015?

An article published by Forbes.com says that hairstylists have made it to top of the 2015 list of being one of the most less stressful jobs (!)

Other less stressful jobs that were listed included, “audiologists, and a tenured university professor.”  The website received  this information from a survey that was conducted by CareerCast. Topping the list of most stressful jobs of the year according to the website were “firefighters, enlisted military personnel, airport pilots and police officers.” 

What was even more interesting was that the website lists – the average median salary that a hairstylist receives. Grossing less than all of the other jobs listed, a hairstylist came in at $22,800 median salary.

Whether it may be the satisfaction of helping others, how thick skinned stylists are or the passion for the art of hairstyling, there is something about the career that has everyone feeling less stressed!

What do you think about this article – are hairdressers really less stressed?


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