24 July 2024

2015 Trends: Why Women Are Dying Their Armpits

Could it be true?  Are women dying their armpit hair? According to various news sources women dying their armpits is now trending! 

Apparently, the culprit behind this trend is Seattle hairdresser Roxie Hunt who was trying to find a playful way to accentuate her co-workers head of blue hair. She offered to dye her armpits blue and the rest was history!

The movement “free your pits” was born and now a Tumblr devoted to the movement, a “Free Your Pits Manifesto” by Hunt and various hashtags as well like “#dyedpits” now exist. In her Manifesto, Hunt states: “Whether you shave or not, women should be allowed to make decisions about their bodies without judgement from others.”

Whether you believe in the movement or not, Hunts efforts to bring equality to women’s rights is evident. Especially as we see more and more celebrity women like Beyonce more recently making bold statements for equality amongst everyone. What are your thoughts on this movement?

By Diana Dias


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