11 December 2023

Hair, a mesmerizing book by the creative genius of Guido Palau

Seventy unique looks by Guido Palau for a mesmerizing collection of creative styling by Rizzoli New York.

Guido Palau is better known as just Guido in the world of fashion. Much more than a mere hairdresser, he is considered a sort of legendary visionary who sculpts and designs human hair to create not only the latest trends on the runways, but also establishes the very canons of contemporary beauty, pushing the limits of creativity in hairdressing to the sublime, where it becomes art.

Now in this amazing book, the models have marble-like skin and distant gazes; their coifs seem to take on a life of their own, whether it be in classical proportions, with a splash of ironic pop color, something nightmarish or futuristic. And all of this has been captured by the lens of renowned fashion photographer and Guido’s long-time collaborator, David Sims, and designed by the celebrated art director Abbott Miller. Guido himself comments by saying, “The world I’ve created in the book is strange and dark, and it’s populated by a tribe of ambiguous, almost asexual young people. You sense something of the past, and something of the future. I want people to wonder where these creatures could have possibly come from.” Indeed, and more so, where a creative genius like Guido’s could have possibly come from.

This monograph will be coveted both by Guido’s long-time fans, and anyone with an eye for the influential and avant-garde in fashion.

By Marie Scarano



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