27 November 2021

Wahl Education and Artistic Team Goes Global!

Wahl’s excited to share an update to Wahl Professional’s Global Education in 2014: Lorenzo González is the seventh member of the Wahl Education and Artistic Team (W.E.A.T.) to take their talents around the globe this year!

Lorenzo González is an Ambassador of Beauty bringing style and glamor to all the nations of the world through education.

González recently returned from Costa Rica where he spent three days at the Conferencista Internacional. He demonstrated techniques on mixing textures and shared tips on the use of different blades. In June, he traveled to Chile for Cosmosalón spending three days delivering demonstrations and two days leading workshops on strategies and tool techniques.

Originally from Cuba, González spent 12 years based in Mexico before moving to the United States. Spanish being his first language, González was able to communicate easily, but Latin American culture is broad and he saw different style trends, sometimes within the same country. “In Chile, the cuts were very classic, but in Costa Rica they were contemporary,” he said. “Women’s styles were medium and short with mixed texture. Tapered faux-hawks, the ivy league and the textured taper were popular among men.” Whether the trend was classic or contemporary, González did find a similarity in both countries.

“What caught my attention was the need for professionals to continue their education,” González said. “The biggest take away from these trips was that they want to learn more about the tools and techniques.” González has a passion for educational development. In addition to being a member of the Wahl Education and Artistic Team (W.E.A.T.), González has also been published in international journals and created the educational system ‘Style of Designs’ for the Institute of Beauty in Mexico City. He has also represented Clairol, L’Oréal, Voglia, Lendan, and Lakmé as either an Educator or Guest Artist.

During his travels in 2014, González found audiences were eager to learn more about technique and how to use Wahl tools to create desired effects. “On damp hair with moderate tension, we cut zero degrees, considering the natural fall of the hair, and we can obtain styles from 60s and 70s,” González explained. By elevating to 135 degrees, González demonstrated the light texture in faded styles.

Throughout his demonstrations, he also discussed strategies for achieving desired results such as considering natural hair growth and working from the middle to the end of hair. My exposition is designed to try and help people understand the vision of Wahl,” he said. “When we offer a tool we want to end up in a common point where we create the beauty.”

González is the seventh member of the Wahl Education and Artistic Team (W.E.A.T.) to take their talents around the globe this year. Laura VanderMoere, Garland ‘G-Whiz’ Fox, Christina Goree, Nieves Almaraz, Kristi Faulkner and Rick Morin each traveled abroad this year to showcase techniques and trends in the UK, Mexico, Brazil and Russia.

Despite different cultures and languages, the artistic educators were able to transcend communication obstacles through the shared love of hair.

Hair is hair. Passion is contagious,” said Faulkner, who traveled to Sao Paulo, Brazil for the April 2014 Expocenternorte, a four-day educational hair event. “I was very fortunate that a couple of the team member spoke English. But because of a true passion for Wahl and our industry, the language barrier didn’t stop us from understanding each other.”

W.E.A.T. is a 17-member group of industry professionals that are the leaders and educators for Wahl. They are highly trained and technology advanced artists capable of instructing any skill level. Their goal is to provide student and licensed hair professionals with clipper education, and they believe that education is the key to a stylist’s success.

To meet the team, visit www.wahlpro.com/education


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