2 October 2022

Sebastian Professional Rescue Kits: Tailored to Tackle Even the Worst Hair Emergencies

Discover the Sebastian Professional Rescue Kits – each kit contains a set of Sebastian Professional products designed to combat common hair problems including uncontrollable frizz, grease, split ends and flatness to keep fierce style effortless. Kits are complete with trial size product to address your hair issues even when you’re on the go… Discover them:

Rainy day hair problems? The Frizz Fighter Kit will ensure your style stays flawless through the elements!

  1. WHIPPED CRÈME: Luxurious protein-rich, ultra-light styler creates soft, sexy shapes with a silky, shiny finish without the crunch or stickiness
    VOLUPT SPRAY: Contains natural bamboo extract to promote shine and offers heat protection via a polymer blend that creates an invisible film around the hair fiber
    SHAPER PLUS: Humidity-resistant working and finishing hairspray that dries quickly on application without stickiness adding body, direction, lift and strong hold
    ● Suggested Retail Price: $12.99

Early morning or long day ahead and need your style to last through the night? Cue the Grease Goodbye Kit to get you through your marathon day!

  1. DRY CLEAN ONLY: Absorbs oil refreshes hair, adds texture and recharges hair’s stylability
    POTION 9 LITE: Restores under-nourished hair, while the protective agent cocktail enhances manageable styling, leaving hair with renewed shine
    GEL FORTE: Enhancing gel  that provides a strong hold without a stiff, sticky feel
    ● Suggested Retail Price: $12.99

Is your hair in need of major TLC? Show it the love it deserves with the Split End Mend Kit.

  1. POTION 9: Wearable styling cream and treatment helps restore moisture and enhances manageable styling, leaving hair with renewed shine
    PENETRAITT SHAMPOO: Cleansing actives remove dirt and build up, while silicones improve softness, combability and shine
    PENETRAITT CONDITIONER: Provides deep conditioning for strength and protection, and helps reduce breakage
    ● Suggested Retail Price: $12.99

Are you constantly fighting flat or limp hair? Give it the boost it deserves with the Flat Fix Kit!

  1. RE-SHAPER: Brushable, humidity-resistant stronghold hair spray helps boost volume and tame frizz while keeping your style where you want it
    VOLUPT SHAMPOO: This revolutionary technology raises the cuticle, enabling hair fibers to adhere to each other for dramatic, longer volume
    VOLUPT CONDITIONER: Delivers volume boost without adding extra weight and creates an invisible layer around hair for voluptuous softness
    ● Suggested Retail Price: $12.99

For more information, please visit www.sebastianprofessional.com


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