22 June 2024

How-To: A Triumphant Collection – Lisa Folawiyo Spring/Summer 2015

The Lisa Folawiyo Sping/Summer 2015 Collection was inspired by a feeling of triumph and strength and a desire to re-create a new visual representation of the Ankara cloth. 

The Ankara cloth is a beautiful demonstration of African culture and the collection was nothing short of clean and modern with a nod to Afro representation. In creating the hair look Mann Nance, Editorial and Celebrity Stylist (owner of tHAIRapy NYC Salon) wanted the hair to “combine a lightness of movement with a rich, bold textural effect.” Mann says: “I created additional contrast and reflection by making the hair look almost wet, and added hair extension on selected models to create a subtle colored ombre hair color effect.” Mann used accents of RICH Hair Care in creating a long, smooth and modern asymmetrical hair looks with braided tribal accents. The hair was loose, straight and flown on one side, and deep side-parted on the other with tight braids encircling the head from the top to mid-nape and pinned under contrasting longer hair. 

How the Look was created by Mann Nance:

  1. ● I first applied RICH Volume Spray throughout the hair and blow-dried it for a sleek smooth look.
  2. ● Next, I made a deep diagonal side part from the top of the hairline to behind the ear and to the nape of the neck to serve as a panel to rest the braid I would create.
  3. ● After spritzing RICH Argan Oil Elixir on hair parted, I made the braid. I used a generous amount of RICH Argan Oil Elixir because I wanted the braided hair to look shiny, almost wet. It’s now one of my favorite products because it absorbs right in and looks so natural – and it’s especially hard to find a good dry oil that can be sprayed on like this.
  4. ● To further control any flyaways on the braid once it was made, I lightly sprayed on RICH Argan De-Frizz & Shine Mist.
  5. ● I then tucked the braid underneath the hair at the nape and pinned it.
  6. ● Next, for added volume on the rest of the hair, I clipped in HairArt Hair Extensions, mixing solid and ombre colors. I then sprayed RICH Sure Hold Hairspray on one-inch sections, then flat ironed the hair pin straight with a HairArt Ti Infrared flat iron to smooth and sleek hair.
  7. ● To complete, I again used the new RICH Argan De-Frizz and Shine Mist on hair on top of the head to add additional shimmer and complete the effect.
  • Credits
  • Lisa Folawiyo Spring/Summer 2015 Collection
    Hair by Mann Nance for Rich Hair Care
    Photos (c) David Webber



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