21 April 2024

The Mohawk Story: A Hairstyle Born to Fight

The hairstyle trend ‘Mohawk‘, is commonly known as a variety of both sides of the head shaved with a strip of noticeably longer hair in the center of ones head. What most may not know is the history of the mohawk trend

According to Public Information Officer Aimee Benedict and tribal historian Arnold Printup, Native American Tribes wore the hairstyle when going into battle. The style that we refer to as the ‘mohawk’ was originally called the ‘scalplock’: Mohawk warriors specifically did sport their hair in ‘scalplocks’ but there were other tidbits that set them apart from other tribes.

Mohawk Warriors actually used various types of hairstyles to display their strength, spirituality and power. Warriors also shaved their heads to protect their women and children from bounty hunters who desired their scalps. By cutting their hair and revealing their scalps it taunted the bounty hunters and formed somewhat of a distraction off of their women and children.

Today the mohawk’s edginess, still represents a bold look to many… don’t miss our photo gallery!

By Diana Dias / Photos: Getty Images


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