28 May 2022

From the Woods to the Streets: 3 Key Tips to Achieve the Perfect Lumbersexual Look

“With the rise of the Metrosexual, we saw a stong divide between what was Metro and what was Macho. In the time since we have seen the line between those two factions blurred,” says Julie Cross, educator for Eufora HERO for Men.

More and more men have begun to care about their appearance and more aspects of male grooming have become a social norm. What we are seeing now may be the next take on the union of Macho and Metro, a blend of form and function. The Advanced Lumbersexual will completely look the part and in some ways be able to support the role it implies. This could mean he knows the best spot for a weekend hike or readily pulls out his handy pocket knife for the simplest of tasks. The other end of the spectrum would be the MetroJack. He loves the feel of flannel and his meticulously groomed beard but if you think those boots are going anywhere near a muddy trail, think again.

The appeal of the Lumbersexual is his over the top masculinity as well as the strength and resourcefulness implied with the stereotype. The sex appeal lies in the idea that he can provide for his mate and conquer any challenge. There is a delicate balance between the Brawny Man and Grizzly Adams. The Lumbersexual is rugged and strapping, not unkempt and haggard. The image is about trying hard to look like you aren’t trying. You want to look like you can wrestle a bear and hold down a job.

Whether you see lumbersexualism as style or lifestyle, here are some tips from says Julie Cross, educator for Eufora HERO for Men, to help take this look from the woods to streets:

Step 1: Grow a beard
– Advise your client that when growing a beard it is important to have a plan of attack. If this is your client’s first attempt, be patient. Not every man will grow a thick full beard effortlessly.
– For those with beard envy it is important to keep things balanced while the hair fills in. Encourage them to trim areas that grow faster regularly, or better yet, come in and have a professional do it. Overgrown dense patches can make slower growing thinner areas look even sparser.
Work with what nature gave you. As your client’s beard grows you will see a natural shape start to develop. A proper beard should enhance your client’s best features and hide the less favorable ones. Use your client’s cheek bones, jawline and where the chin meets your neck to determine where the beard should stop. Advise clients on the best beard for their face shape.

Step 2: Maintain your beard
When it comes to beards, bigger isn’t always better. Make sure you keep the details in check.
Sideburns should always connect the beard to the haircut, no matter the length. Even a full beard into a Mr. Clean cut should be reverse faded to make the transition.
– Keep the neck clean. Neck hair should be shaved or trimmed; it doesn’t add to the shape of your beard and can quickly take away from the overall look. The same thing goes for hair growing too high on the cheeks. Eufora’s Hero for Men line offers a 3-in-1 Exceptional Shave Balm to help, pre-shave oil, shave balm and aftershave all in one step. The translucent formula allows you to see where you’re shaving as you detail the edges.
Find the length that works for your client. A beard trimmer with one setting isn’t going to do it. Your best beard will be longer in certain areas and shorter in others. Advise your client on what is best for them.
Keep clients kissable. Moisturize both the face and beard an encourage clients to do this at home. Eufora’s Body Blends face and body moisturizer has pharmaceutical grade aloe vera to hydrate your skin without clogging pores. Exceptional Shave and Revitalizing Treatment can help to keep the beard hair soft. No one wants to snuggle up with steel wool.
Remember beards don’t have feelings. At least there are no nerve endings in the hair. That means that as your client gets used to wearing a beard, they should get used to making sure they aren’t wearing remnants of their last meal in there too. Brushing or combing is an essential practice for longer lengths. Teach your clients how to do this at home.

Step 3: Make the Lumbersexual look work in real life
The Lumbersexual look can go from woods to workplace with the right wardrobe. Flannel, denim, chambray and work boots, along with more relaxed fits are staples for this look. When heading to the office consider Urban Woodsman or MetroJack styles – less rugged, more tailored looks that combine these same elements. Functionality is a big appeal in this clothing style; don’t forget one of those functions may be looking professional.
Your client’s hairstyle should complement your beard. As a general rule of thumb – the more grizzly the one, the less grizzly the other should be. You don’t want your client’s to look like they’ve spent the last six months lost in the Alaskan wilderness. A longer, full beard can be balanced by a style with short sides. Long hair pairs well with a more manicured, slightly longer than stubble beard.


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