5 October 2022

OMC World Best Online Photo Competition Winners 2014 Announced!

The OMC World Best Online Photo Competition Winners 2014 names and looks have been released and the looks are nothing short of inspirational and creative – enjoy the amazing pictures!

The competitors were ranked from 1st to 5th place and received an OMC World Best Online Photo Competition Diploma. The winners were announced at the November 17, 2014 OMC Europe Cup in Yekaterinburg, Russia and as we can clearly see the competition seemed extremely close as the competitors submitted their entries from around the world.

Here are the OMC World Best Online Photo Competition Winners 2014:

Ladies Prestige Club Trend
1st Place: Russia – Suvorova Anzhelika
2nd Place: Denmark – Louise Hartmann
3rd Place: China – Han Han
4th Place: China – Lu Chenming
5th Place: Israel – Rafael Rubin

Ladies Day Style
1st Place: Germany – Maria Reschke
2nd Place: Ukraine – Larysa Khivricheva
3rd Place: Ukraine – Olesksandr Lashko
4th Place: Russia – Aliaksander Maslouski
5th Place: Italy – Chiara Dalla Libera

Ladies Evening Style
1st Place: Slovakia – Sean Kasumovic
2nd Place: USA – Amanda Cassidy
3rd Place: Germany – Julian Wagner
4th Place: USA – Eva Ivolga
5th Place: Russia – Elena Zharova

Ladies Fantasy Hairstyle
1st Place: Armenia – Edvard Poghosyan
2nd Place: China – Tan Tian
3rd Place: USA – Amanda Cassidy
4th Place: USA – Eva Ivolga
5th Place: Israel – Alexei Selezniov

Ladies Full Fashion Look
1st Place: Russia – Anton Slyhan
2nd Place: Denmark – Louise Hartman
3rd Place: Croatia – Mario Vidacek
4th Place: Russia – Natalia Bondareva
5th Place: Switzerland – Carole Corminboeuf

Ladies Creative
1st Place: Korea – Park Ha-Neul
2nd Place: Sweden – Evelina Fransson
3rd Place: Russia – Ekaterina Chekhalkova
4th Place: Taiwan – Ya-Wen Kuo
5th Place: Sweden – Emma Ekman

Ladies Day Style MH
1st Place: Switzerland – Martin Dullenmatt
2nd Place: Denmark – Jeanette Bach Nielsen
3rd Place: Korea – Han Mi-Rim
4th Place: Italy – Alex Albertin
5th Place: Paraguay – Maria Mirta Mena Mendoza

Ladies Evening Style MH
1st Place: China – Yulon Jiao
2nd Place: China – Xiaoquin Mao
3rd Place: Switzerland – Nicolas Beytrison
4th Place: India – Shwetasha Paliwal
5th Place: USA – Christina Dos Santos

Ladies Hair by Night
1st Place: Slovakia – Sean Kasumovic
2nd Place: Sweden- Isabell Fransson
3rd Place: Korea – Park Ha-Neul
4th Place: Hong Kong – Ching Tsoi Shun
5th Place: Germany – Sybille Antoni

Ladies Progressive Cut & Style MH
1st Place: Denmark – Louise Hartmann
2nd Place: Italy – Giacinta Giordano
3rd Place: China – Shihuan Zou
4th Place: France – Jehan Ludvig
5th Place: Taiwan Associated – Chiao-Wen Chi

Bridal Makeup
1st Place: Norway – Irina Jenssen
2nd Place: Hungary – Kinga Hovorka-Miskolczi
3rd Place: Ukraine – Larisa Larina
4th Place: Russia – Olga Markelova
5th Place: Norway – Stine Breivik

Gents Prestige Club Trend
1st Place: Ireland – Paul Donnelly
2nd Place: Denmark – Louise Hartmann
3rd Place: Ireland – John Coss
4th Place: Italy – Federico Lucchese
5th Place: Armenia – Edvard Poghosyan

Gents Classic
1st Place: Argentina – Perez Pablo Cesar
2nd Place: Taiwan Associated – Sheng-Hui Hsieh
3rd Place: Taiwan Associated – Youg-Wie Chen
4th Place: France – Germain Evrard-Lebret
5th Place: Japan – Eri Odaka

Gents Creative
1st Place: France – Germain Evrard-Lebret
2nd Place: Argentina – Pablo Cesar Lopez
3rd Place: Hungary – Bela Nyari
4th Place: Japan – Kurashige Katsunori
5th Place: Poland – Jacek Chamera

Ladies Young Talented Cut & Style
1st Place: Denmark – Maria Kroghave
2nd Place: USA – Natasha Galarza
3rd Place: USA – Samantha Fabretti
4th Place: France – Pierre Zagari
5th Place: USA – Alexis Forstell



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