19 August 2022

Meet Goldwell’s four brand New Colorance Stay Cool Shades

Warm golden hues? That’s kid’s stuff. But getting the perfect cool shade for a client requires the expert eye and technique of an experienced professional colorist (and the right color technology.)

You’ve probably had clients come into your salon for salvation after trying to do their own cool color and getting ashy, dim results. Cool is beautiful, but it isn’t for amateurs. The fact is, for women with cool skin tones, getting the right color is especially important, and getting it to last without yellowing is a challenge. That’s why color pros are so loyal to Goldwell’s vibrant and deliciously cool Stay Cool Collection.

Now Goldwell has just added two new blondes and two new brunettes to the Stay Cool line, and you’ll definitely want to check them out. The new shades for Pearly Couture Blondes and Smokey Natural Browns take the full spectrum of Stay Cool colors to 21 cool shades, providing stylists with enormous range and nuance for their cool-toned clients. But color selection is just part of the fascination. The Stay Cool collection is a demi-permanent hair color system that protects and repairs, using Goldwell’s proprietary IntraLipid technology to restore lipid levels inside the hair during the color process.

That’s one reason why hair health and sheen actually improve with Colorance products. And, like all Cool Stay colors, the four new shades feature Cool Protect Technology® to ensure long-lasting performance and preserve balanced color. This unique technology neutralizes warm color character while maintaining an optimal balance between cool and warm tones, delivering a whopping 78% more color stability* – so color stays true.

“Sometimes when you think cool colors, you think flat and monochrome, but with Cool Stay, nothing could be further from the truth,” says John Simpson, Goldwell Global Master and Lead Artistic Director North American Artistic Team. “I absolutely love having this huge array of cool color shades to work with,” adds Simpson.I can give my cool-toned clients so many more options and subtle effects. They adore the color and gloss they leave with, and they love that it stays cool, shiny and beautiful until their next visit – without creeping warmer.”

* Tested against existing Colorance® shades without Cool Protect Technology®


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