22 February 2024

Men’s Hairstyling: Creating a Versatile Part on Short Hair!

With shorter styles for both men and women being so popular, knowing how to crate a versatile part on short hair is a great trick to have in the bag!

David Boyd, Sam Villa ArTeam, gives a how to using a Sam Villa Signature Series Razor with 9-Gap Texturizing Blade and Sam Villa Signature Series Long Cutting Comb (always use a contrasting colored comb when cutting short hair for maximum precision).

“When deciding where to put a part, keep in mind that a part that follows the natural growth pattern is going to have a lot more control and will be easier for your guest to style at home, whereas a part that goes against the grain will have more texture and movement,” says Boyd.

See Boyd demonstrate: http://www.samvilla.com/pro/blog/2014/09/excellent-razor-cutting-technique-to-use-when-switching-a-part-on-a-guest/

Things to keep in mind:

  1. ● Spray hair with moisture/water so razor slips down the hair strand easier.
  2. ● Use a 9-gap razor for blending and creating an interesting finish – it creates shapes without taking too much hair or risking changing the density of the foundation of the hair.
  3. ● Start about 1/2” down the hair strand with the razor to promote an element of movement without creating ‘sprouts.’
  4. ● Towards the front, leave a longer section of hair out as a veil to be swept back to flow into the shape and conceal the previously cut sections.

Master this trick for consistent parting results and guests will have the option to switch from a controlled part that follows their growth patterns to a part that goes against the flow that creates movement and texture!


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