30 May 2023

Estetica’s Exclusive Interview: Bosley Professional Strength’s Eric McLemore

More concerned with genuine inner wellness and self-esteem, Eric McLemore’s Bosley Professional Strength works on the cutting edge of hair care technology to reduce hair loss.

One of the most dynamic companies on the hairdressing scene today, Bosley Professional Strength Scalp and Hair Care may be relatively small but succeeds in relating to both small salons and big business all over the globe. How do they do it? Estetica went to company President, Eric McLemore to find out.

How are you planning to expand on international markets?
“The global market for men and women struggling with fine and thinning hair is vast and there is so much opportunity out there. Our strategy is simple. We seek out distributors who are laser-focused on providing ongoing education to salon professionals. In order to do this, we select only a few new distributors at a time, to ensure that we are getting them trained correctly in everything Bosley Pro. We can also change our approach slightly in order to meet the needs of each individual country.”

Do USA-made products face any unique challenges on domestic or foreign markets?
“I don’t’ feel that there are any real disadvantages for US-Made products. Americans love using products that are “Made in the USA” and world markets enjoy the fact that the U.S. is considered a leader in technology-forward, quality haircare. Of course there is increased competition, but you get that anywhere.”

How are different specializations divided up among your Executive Team?
“What many people don’t know is that we are a small, but mighty, team here at Bosley Pro. Michelle Blaisure, Director of Education, oversees all educational activity, Dev Rice, Director of Communications and Creative, handles all of our communications and creative activity, and Emily Greenblatt, Marketing Manager, handles promotional activity and assists me with new product development. In addition we have office support staff, Kelly and Gaby, and I have three Sales team members, Kandee, Denise and LeAnn, who are in the field.”

What does Bosley do to build the professional credibility of hairdressers?
“We are very unique in that we are a smaller company, but we have a global reach. We understand what a small salon goes through each day to run their business, but we also get what it takes to be a larger, multi-door company. This is all backed up with the most comprehensive educational training in our category.”

Has the introduction of specific styling and home-care products helped boost retail sales?
“In a world that is becoming increasingly specialized, salons have a huge opportunity to boost retail. Clients seek products that address their specific needs and they will absolutely purchase products that meet them as long as the stylists are educated. In salons that offer their clients products to address their fine, thinning hair needs, it wouldn’t surprise me to see an increase of up to 25%.”

What future developments is Bosley Professional Strength working on?
“We are very excited about 2015 at Bosley Pro, as we will be launching several new products. We don’t just launch products to launch them. We are always on the look out for, and testing, new ingredients and technology that will help our customers who struggle with fine and thinning hair. That’s our primary purpose. That’s our goal.”

Will there be more specifically targeted products for men and women?
“At this point in time, we know that having an internal supplement for men and women is bene­­ficial, but as far as topical solutions, we haven’t seen a need for gender specific formulations.”

Educational programs are mostly in-salon. Is there a possibility for an institute in the future?
We love to educate at the salon level. We get that immediate feedback from the salon that is so important and, in return, we know that the salon has been adequately trained on all of our comprehensive solutions. We also conduct regional clinics on the road and work to bring education to anyone who wants to learn more. Overall, we are quite flexible and like to listen to what professionals need with an open mind.”

How do transplant clinics work into the overall development scheme?
“We are the only fine and thinning hair company that offers completely comprehensive solutions for people struggling with fine, weak, thinning hair, which may even eventually include a consultation with a Bosley, Inc doctor. Also, the synergy we have with the transplant centers ensures that the thousands of people who visit them each month are getting educated on all the options available to them, which is great news!”

Will salons play a role in referring clients or as consultation centers?
“I think as stylists we want our clients to feel satisfied, we don’t care what option they choose, as long as they reach their goal. Anytime a client needs to go see a medical professional for other options, we would refer them. A professional stylist’s referral is so instrumental in helping clients who are really struggling with hair loss, and has tried various options with no success.”

What role does the web media play in Bosley Professional Strength development?
“Bosley Professional Strength is a little different than other brands, as we were founded to meet some very specific client needs. Although we like having fun and keeping our social media ‘voice’ light, we are always aware that for many people the issues of fine, weak, thinning hair are not amusing. We use our various platforms to connect with our customers and we work to make sure that whatever they need is, or can be, available to them.”

Tell us more about Bosley Professional Strength and the Beauty Bus initiative.
“I would encourage everyone to visit www.beautybus.org to find out more about the Beauty Bus. They are a phenomenal organization, offering in home beauty services to people struggling with debilitating disease. We both launched around 2009 and we have supported them ever since with monthly donations and products. We also support the organization’s Beauty Drive event each April. It’s a great time for a great cause.”

Restoring confidence
With more than 25 years of professional beauty experience, including significant stints at Sexy Hair, Nioxin, and others, in 2009, Eric McLemore launched Bosley Professional Strength in partnership with Bosley, Inc., the world’s most experienced hair restoration experts. Since then, distribution has been launched in over 34 countries and continues to grow, also thanks to a small, hand-picked team of top-notch professionals.

By Marie Scarano


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