26 September 2023

Michael Haase Blog: Glam Girl Holiday Style

While the idea of the “Glamour Girl” has always been referred to from a dated past, á la Old Hollywood, today the fashion, style and beauty industries suggest a more intelligent standard in terms of taste and design.

As hairdressers we need to understand that the desire for a more glamorous look, especially heading into the full swing of the holiday social season, is a motivator of individual security and confidence for every woman.

When achieved, it’s a statement of style with which it is difficult to compete. The key to success is starting with a thorough consultation, which relies on you doing your homework. Not only do you need to know about the event for which your client is prepping, also be sure you’re on top of fashion terms, trends and forecasts.

A few of the definite “do” styles to keep in mind this season include: encouraging clients to raise their pony in a way that is a little more sexy; rethinking the height of the bun, as well, while keeping in mind ways to individualize it; and taking the chignon to new heights by using less ornamentation in the hair for a more refined, classic image. As they say, less is more.

Let’s take a closer look at the classic low Chignon, which always exudes glamour and gets attention. Keep in mind the idea of using bigger sections for more impact from a distance. Remember, photos are usually taken from 20 feet away and cameras are everywhere. Stay focused by treating each client as if they are about to walk the red carpet. You never know when your work might end up online or in print!

Follow the steps below to create a Chignon that delivers holiday happiness:

  1. 1. Begin with a properly prepped pony (untied) using a pomade of gloss, hold, and styling spray distributed evenly. Hold hair out from the back of the head horizontally. I use Wella Professionals Stay Firm Spray, Smooth Brilliance and Rugged Fix.
    2. Divide the pony in 2 parts, left and right.
    3. Continue holding the 2 sections at horizontal elevation while beginning to knot both sides (3 to 4 knots depending on length of hair).
    4. Place a large bobby pin perpendicular to the ends and place under the knotted hair at the occipital bone. This creates the Chignon effect for finish and refinement.

As you work, be open to what the hair is telling you. Sometimes the look of the hair is not your decision but the hair guiding you. It’s equally important to know your products – how to blend them to create a new wet tool with more slip and how to layer them for maximum strength building. Finally, working up close prevents you from seeing the whole picture. Take a big step back to evaluate your work, and to see where tweaks need to be made. A well-executed Chignon is the perfect holiday gift to your clients.

Until next time… remember, as a hairstylist, education is a want, not a need.

© Michael M. Haase


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