6 December 2021

Famous Lip Warmers: Is Mustache Here to Stay?

Brad Pitt has been infamous for wearing a goatee and sometimes giving the goatee a rest and just sporting a mustache. Brad is definitely one of the most famous actors from an increasing list of illustrious mustaches

Brad has already made headlines a few years ago, when he proudly showcased his mustache on the cover of “Rolling Stone“, and now the mustache is back on the trend scene. For the promotion of his latest film, “Fury“, he sported again his famous mustache and this, in fact, returned to give Brad a more manly look.

Brad Pitt however, is not the only Hollywood star to have chosen to wear a mustache. In recent weeks, there was a genuine reviving of the famous mustache. A few examples include, new to the dad scene Ryan Gosling, who has never made it a secret in wearing the mustache look. The Canadian star prefers to change it up ever so often exhibiting a beard and a more dense and defined upper lip. Even James Franco is a fan of the mustache. A few weeks ago the American actor appeared at the Venice Film Festival with a more seventies look: shaved, sunglasses and mustache out. Classy!

Photos: Getty Images



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