21 January 2022

Trend Alert! Babylights Hit the Scene!

Bye Bye Ombré, Hello Babylights! It is the most requested, newest trend making a buzz in the celebrity world. Inspired by toddler hair, yes toddler hair, babylights are what’s in.  

When you examine a toddler’s head of hair, they have different shades in every strand. Babylights should not be compared to highlights stripy look. It is more subtle, think smaller strands. The look has a more natural feel and is popular amongst blondes and yes even brunettes can rock the trend. 

Because the babylights process comprises of painting smaller strands, what most hairdressers may bump into is having their clients in the chair for more time than expected. However, once you have the babylights in the maintenance is super low like the ombré.

A few celebutantes who have been carrying the trend are Gone Girl’s Rosamund Pike, model Karlie Kloss and Miranda Kerr

By Diana Dias / Photos: Getty Images


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