7 December 2021

Leonardo DiCaprio turns 40: Discover his 20 Iconic Looks!

Today, November 11, 2014 marks the award winning actor Leonardo DiCaprio’s 40th birthday! The forever young, heart throb has been jumping into the hearts of many since the 90’s and it seems like there is no stopping him…

From his days on the ‘Titanic’ to his recent role as ‘The Wolf of Wall Street,’ Leonardo’s look has some what matured. Back in the early 90’s he once sported a tousled wet look that was picture perfect for any teen girl’s wall. In the mid 90’s during the ‘Romeo and Juliet’ craze he wore a bowl cut that framed his angelic blue eyes. 

In the early 2000s Leonardo debuted a more teased spiky look but as he marked his 30th birthday back in 2004, he began sporting a more mature slicked back look with a charming goatee. By the time roles such as ‘The Great Gatsby,’ and ‘The Wolf of Wall Street,’ rolled around, Leonardo had a more old school vintage look with his classic swoop. These days under the heavy beard and slicked back hair, we can still see the innocent blue eyes of the Leonardo we all remember!

Here’s a flashback into the 20 iconic looks of Leonardo DiCaprio…

By Diana Dias / Photos: Getty Images


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