7 February 2023

Wild About Blondes: Top Ten Things You Need to Know about Kim Vo

There is no question about it. Celebrity colorist Kim Vo is “Wild About Blondes”. Schwarzkopf Professional’s Blonde Global Ambassador was one of the big hairdressing stars shining at the Essential Looks 2014 Modern Glamour Show in Miami last weekend.

Attendees from all over North America got the opportunity to get a sneak peek into the development of the Iconic Blondes collection by Kim Vo. Estetica USA had a moment to catch up with Kim backstage and found out the top 10 things you need to about this artist with a blonde ambition!

1. What do you think about this new era of Schwarzkopf Professional in North America?
I’m so excited because I’ve used Schwarzkopf for years – I don’t think I realized that I’ve used their products for over a decade. This is way before they named me Blonde Global Ambassador and honestly I use it because I really lo the products. I had some challenge with past products and it gave me the colors and the confidence, the control that I needed – I know that in this new era they are going to share the wealth and I’m very excited about it.”

2. What do you think 2015 has in store for you?
“I can’t even remember what I had for breakfast (laughs). In all seriousness, it’s called ‘Evolution.’ This year for me was transition and in 2015 it’s about evolving. You are going to hear a lot about that through the story, how do we as hairdressers evolve and I’m really excited about it because it is going to be a blonde evolution.”

3. We have seen you in so many places, television, competitions… In which of your roles do you feel most comfortable?
“You know what’s great? I’ve got 4 salons. I’m still behind the chair, I love being there and working on my clients, but I also like going on what we call field trips. I love going to the shows and doing other things and that’s what’s really fun, you can do so much in this career!”

4. Who would you consider your idol within the hairdressing industry?
“You know I have had so many idols that I’ve stood on their shoulders like Frederic Fekkai, Jose Eber, Vidal Sassoon… It is amazing how they have opened the gateways for people like myself. I think there is so much talent out there and every working person in this industry is my idol. That is what it’s all about.”

5. When you think of Schwarzkopf Professional there is not one person, it is always a team. What do you think of this philosophy?
“You know it’s interesting they always say it takes a village to raise a child. Well, in hairdressing I think it takes a tribe. I think its very important for everyone to know each others strengths. My strength is color. Someone else can be beautiful cuts. I think that it is really important to have all these people assimilate together.”

6. Why blonde?
“Why Not? (Laughs) Well I’m half Vietnamese and half French and I always wanted blonde hair. No one could give me the perfect blonde so I decided to give it to myself. So why blonde? Because, I finally discovered it.”

7. What current trend do you love and hate and why?
“I love my 50 Shades of Blonde! I love all the different colors and hues going through. There is really nothing that I hate or get bored of. I’m trying to think of my least favorite thing to do…. You know, I still do highlights over natural hair, but I really love the evolution of doing more of the smudges and things and getting a little bit away from just doing highlights on natural hair. So I’m doing a lot more of color in between, magic at the bowl, magic at the sink… So I’m really excited about that.”

8. Looking back, what was the turning point for you in your career?
“Honestly, I think when you are ambitious and curious in life you never have that point. I’m not there yet. I think what has been really interesting in my life is being able to do ‘A’ Celebrities. My first celebrity was Pamela Anderson and to get her that blonde and keep that blonde up… it was really huge. That’s when things started to change: reality shows and all that stuff. But honestly, engaging, showing up, working hard everyday… I was ready for that opportunity. It wasn’t like all of a sudden someone gave it to me. I prepared myself, I was ready, I was educated… and then it happened.”

9. What was the best advice in your career?
“The best advice is… when you’re green, you grow and when you’re ripe, you rot. And what that meant to me is when you think you know it all… you’re done. And when you are curious and you want to keep learning, that’s when you grow.”

10. If you could have dinner with three people, dead or alive, who would they be?
“(Laughs) Did you kill one of them? I honestly think Ian Wright, one of the Tesla Motors founders – he would be amazing to talk to. Interestingly enough, President Obama: me being multicultural I know the complications to make it anywhere. Then I love fashion. I think Diane Von Furstenberg, you know, she has been through it all from A to Z. Really that travel, that journey was. Many people thinks it’s simple to make success. But there are many silhouettes and symphonies!


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