24 March 2023

Fashion, Glamour, Hair – Essential Looks 2014 Modern Glamour conquers Miami!

From the catwalk capitals of the world to your salon! The Essential Looks 2014 Modern Glamour show last weekend in Miami gave the attendees an exclusive view into the latest trends of the moment. Estetica USA had a hot ticket and an inside look into the event!

The event kicked off with an amazing Catwalk Show that gave the attendees a glimpse into the latest trends for the Fall/Winter 2014/2015 season. The runway show featured looks from Damien Carney, Schwarzkopf Professional North America Creative Director, Kim Vo, Global Blonde Ambassador for Schwarzkopf Professional, Kathy Simon, Rossa Jurenas, and the US Essential Looks Artists. Making a special appearance was social media ace Guy Tang who took over the event on Twitter, and Antony Whitaker, Schwarzkopf Professional’s Global Ambassador for Business Education

The Essential Looks event showcased Metal Chic looks as seen on iconic luxury brands in their runway shows. Master hairstylist Damien Carney discussed the importance of viewing your clients under the cape and focusing on their positive features to create their metallic hair look. Presentations then continued with Boho Curl looks which showcased whimsical curly looks ranging from well groomed locks to romantic tousled waves to full on afros. Undone Glamour trend gave hairstylists a view into a more undone, but not just rolled out of bed look. From the messy braid to the casual bun, the undone look is what’s in! “I can see a lot of long hair people wearing this sexy, glamorous, disheveled kind of look – it’s all about modernizing and twisting, said Rossa Jurenas, North American Essential Looks Artist. Rossa’s been working with Schwarzkopf Professional for 15 years: Essential Looks are always current, they are always ahead of the game!

Kathy Simon, North American Essential Looks Ambassador, who has also been part of the Schwarzkopf Professional family for 15 years and in charge of training the North American team for almost 10 years, expressed the importance of hairstylist understanding the looks and bringing them back to their salons as an inspiration. “Learn the technique and understand: Hey, you don’t need to have a fringe that short; hey, you don’t have to have the red that bright; hey, you don’t have it blow dried that flat. Take it and make it into your own! So every trend was interpreted into wearable looks that hairstylists can use in their salons!

Industry icon Antony Whitaker, Schwarzkopf Professional’s Global Ambassador for Business Education, gave a riveting lecture on behalf of ASK Business that highlighted the importance of running a successful salon and gave stylists lots of key “nuggets” to take with them.

The show ended on a high note as celebrity colorist Kim Vo starred his “Wild about Blondes” presentation, where he unveiled his very own different take on the ombre technique. Kim also conducted a Q&A portion where it gave the stylists the opportunity to have a one on one with him. The stylists were able to ask questions in regards to any of the looks both on the stage and beyond the show!

George Broder, Schwarzkopf Professional North America’s General Manager, closed the inspirational show by expressing his passion for Essential Looks. “I love hairdressers, it will be written on my tombstone!” George said. He congratulated all the presenters, everyone behind the scenes and those who attended the successful event. My wish is that you go back to your colleagues and let them know that you attended this event and it was good because it made you think.”



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